Wednesday, October 1, 2014

September 29th, 2014

I seriously wish I could tell y'all everything that happened this week because it was just TOO good! 

How many absolutely crazy investigators can one companionship have?! Cause I'm sure we have the record over here. R... the prophet, M... the communist, and A... the atheist. Just to name a few.

We had a 3 HOUR long lesson with A... this week. Kinda a mix between the restoration and plan of salvation. He is crazy smart that kid. He is a biblical history major so he was really testing our knowledge haha. At the end of the lesson he kept saying that if he believed in God that he would be a mormon. And how badly he wants to be a mormon cause he loves everyone at church and would want to raise a family in a church like ours. But that he just doesn't believe in God. But then he would talk to us about God and things that God has done like he believes in him. Its so strange. He read the Book of Mormon in an entire day! But like refuses to pray. What do you do with an investigator who loves the BOM and loves coming to church each week and wants to be baptized a mormon but just 'doesnt believe' in God?! I'm at a loss haha.

M... claimed to be atheist when we first started teaching him and look at how far he's come! 
He decided to go back to his "goth days" so thats been fun to see haha. He reps his communist attire at every lesson. He is just a one of a kind. We had to move his baptism date back because he didn't come to church yesterday! But he is really excited for the change and the new start for his life :)

R... R is pretty solid actually. He is like your dream investigator and keeps every committment you leave with him. He believes in everything that we've taught him EXCEPT the fact that there is only one prophet on the earth. He thinks that he is one. And I get really frustrated sometimes because he always has really good arguments and I just never know what to say to him! We're hoping that conference this weekend will really help him to see President Monson as God's prophet on the earth today! 

E... got up and bore her testimony at church yesterday and announced her baptism date to everyone! She is just the cutest person in the world. Her dad still calls her wife #7 whenever he talks to her, but she takes it like a champ! I am just so proud of her. We are so excited for the 11th!! :) 

BEST NEWS OF THE WEEK :):) So remember Rob? He was one of the first baptisms I had in my first area. Well- he and his wife reached out to me and told me that they are going to get sealed in the temple next month!!! Them and their 2 sweet little boys :) They invited me to come and be apart of their special day and words cannot describe my excitement! I still remember Sister Prewitt after we set Rob's baptism date, with tears in her eyes telling us how all of her dreams are finally coming true, and that she will finally be able to be sealed to her family, and be married to a worthy priesthood holder. That is what this gospel is about! Its about bringing families together eternally. And that right there, is why I LOVE being a missionary :) 

I feel each of your prayers every single day! I love you all so much and know that the Lord is watching out for each one of you! Have the best week this week! MISS Y'ALL!!!!

sister huber 

s/o to the horne family!

exchanges :) being on a bike is the best thing ever! for real haha

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