Monday, September 22, 2014

September 22nd, 2014

Hey Everyone!!!

I don't think its possible for life to be as great as it is right now! Like for real. This girl is on cloud 9. And I don't even know why! Heavenly Father is TOO good to us here :) So many blessings each and every day!

President has asked us to only be on the computers for an hour now, so these emails may be getting shorter and shorter! I will do my best though :) 

AMAZING week here in H-town :)
E... set a baptism date! October 11th :) We are so excited for her!! She bore her testimony to us on Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. That girl is amazing. She has been having a lot of opposition, and her family is not pleased one bit. But she knows that its true and she isn't letting anything get in her way! I'm always so amazed at the strength of these people! 
We got 4 new investigators this week that we are really excited about! They all seem really solid :) 
T...- who we met in a parking lot back when sister loo was here. He took us to lunch this week and besides the fact it felt like a double date, it was great!
A...- the silver pines sisters tracted into him and he has been coming to the singles ward and to FHE! He says he has a list of questions for us for our next visit. We're feeling the anti vibe- but he wants to know the truth so thats a good sign! He's the nicest guy you'll ever meet. 
C...- We met him on campus and talked to him and his friend about family history. Sister myers and another sister did family history with him this week when I was on exchanges. Family history is really doing us well here! Who woulda guessed?!
X...- Tracted into him. A little flirtatious. May be meeting with us with no real interest in the gospel! Still trying to figure this guy out haha. The struggle is real sometimes! We drop tons of investigators because of this issue. Pray that president will put elders in our ward haha

A..., one of my old investigators from the woodlands moved down to our area in Katy!! We were able to meet with her this week which was so fun! 

We had stake conference yesterday, and Isaaclyn spoke at it! We had no idea because she didn't even tell us! So she just got up there and gave an amazing talk that just blew everyone away. That girl has only been baptized for 3 months and you would have thought she was a member her whole life. My recent converts are showing me up and its kinda embarrassing! President and Sister Mortensen spoke at is as well, and also the temple president and his wife. It was definitely a highlight of the week! 
Last night was the first Mission President's Fireside. President is doing them each month, every time in a different stake. He started here in the cypress stake, and there were over 300 people that came! Its an opportunity for missionaries and members to invite investigators/their non member friends & family. There was a missionary choir, musical numbers, recent convert testimonies, and a message from the mortensens. It was such an amazing experience! I think it got half of us all crying. There were definitely spirits from the other side in that room and we could feel their presence very strongly! Sister Chappell was talking to us missionaries before it started, and she said that she got a strong impression that our kids were all looking down on us and that they were there with us at that time. I don't think I would have traded that moment for the world! 
This work is true! Its the most amazing work anyone could ever be doing :) 
This gospel changes us and it should continue to change us every single day! As we receive more light into our lives, our smiles become bigger and we become happier :) Let it change you!!

Lots to look forward to this week! Not to mention we get to go see MEET THE MORMONS as a mission this week! SO stoked. 

Love you all so much!

sister huber 

Monday, September 15, 2014

September 15th, 2014

Huddle for Jesus Christ

Awkward moment for the week: (well, theres lots of those. but we'll go with this one)
So Sister Myers and I were contacting people on campus one day, and we walk around this corner to the football team having their practice. They were the only people that direction, so we didn't know if it was awkward to turn around and walk the opposite direction or just keep walking past them. In my head I was having this conflict like, do we talk to them? Do we put our heads down and hope they don't see us? we just didnt know what to do! so we just kept walking and as we're walking past, one of the players came up to us and just started talking to us so we told him who we were and what we were doing and he turns around and calls the WHOLE TEAM over to come and listen. So here we are, 2 little innocent looking girls with skirts on and scriptures in our hands in front of this huge team of dudes. We have been encouraged lately to find through family history, so we started talking (pretty much yelling so they all could hear) about their families. About 75% of them started talking about their moms and how much they love their moms so that was pretty funny. Really cute & sweet, but so hilarious at the same time! So then at the end when we were wrapping up talking to them, one of them says, 'alright lets break with a huddle!' We all huddle and sister myers and I are just beside ourselves haha and all of a sudden they yell "JESUS CHRIST ON 3!". I hope it wasn't disrespectful to huddle for Jesus but ya know, it could be worse I guess! 

We had a leadership training with President this week, and of course it was absolutely amazing! Definitely a highlight this week. President is one of the greatest people on earth! 

He talked to us about our roles as leaders, and he talked to us about the importance of leading by example & love. Our role is to help other missionaries realize their divine nature, and he said once they understand who they really are, they will be able to reach their full potential. He also talked a lot about our humility and faith in the lord, and how we have to turn to Him to ask Him what to do and how to do it. He said our prayers are going to be longer than they've ever been before, and we will be fasting more than we have been in the past! "There are fewer things that show your knowledge of your own nothingness to the lord, than fasting". I know from my own experiences that this is so true! 

He wants us to really get involved with not just every companionship in the zone, but every missionary as individuals. He is having us get so involved that I feel like I'm over 8 areas and not just 1! But I have already learned so many lessons that I know I will need in the future. The Lord is preparing me and blessing me in SO many ways! I seriously feel so blessed by Him. 

The work is going great and as always, there is almost too much going on! But I love it and wouldn't have it any other way! Got a couple investigators who have baptism dates and pray that we can commit E... this week!!

I love you all so much! I feel your prayers every single day :)

sister huber 

Sister Huber and Sister Myers

Monday, September 8, 2014

September 8th, 2014

Hey Everyone!!

Its been a hectic week to say the least, but also a really great one! And like always, we saw so many miracles!!

President Mortensen has called me to be a Sister Training Leader :) When he called on Monday night and talked to me about it, I literally felt a huge burden on my shoulders. I don't even know why! My stress levels probably aren't healthy for me right now haha. But I'm a stress case so what do ya do?! He has put so much stress on mission leaders, and has really been emphasizing our role and responsibilities in helping carry out this mission. We have the biggest zone in the mission, and there are 8 sister companionships that I will be over. He wants us as STL's to go on exchanges with each companionship every transfer, and also do companion studies with them at least a couple times a week & report back to him on it all! Its been so fun to be able to work so closely with other missionaries and I'm just so excited to be able to have this experience! 
My new companion is Sister Myers. Its already a great companionship :) she's seriously the cutest thing! We have a little too much fun together sometimes :) I couldn't ask for a better one! She's from South Jordan, and has been out for 11 months. Its going to be quite the trip trying to keep all of the boys in the ward away from her haha #singleswardprobs 

We have been working on the LoneStar college campus a lot recently now that school has started. We have a LDSSA club on campus that is starting next week! In the past it has been an amazing finding tool- because all of the YSA's around here go there!! So we try to spend as much time as we can up there. 
We met this girl named E... this past week. She immediately just opened up to us about her life and her upbringing, and the whole time I was just thinking this girl NEEDS the gospel. Everyone needs it. But she really NEEDS it. ya know? 
Her mom passed away when she was just 2 years old, and so her whole life its just been her and her brother, and her dad who is abusive. She doesn't really have any good friends around and she said she has just felt empty her whole life. She came to church yesterday and was just glowing :)  We were really surprised to see her open up so quickly to the ward! I like to baby my investigators a lot and make sure they are always right by us and feeling comfortable haha- but one of the members was so awesome and just took her in and so all of church yesterday we tried to not feel awkward not always being by our investigator! We are teaching her the plan of salvation tonight and feel like she's ready for a baptism date :) 

All of our male RC have the priesthood now, and have been blessing & passing the sacrament!
David passed the sacrament for his first time, and it was probably the sweetest thing I have ever seen. Instead of holding the tray by the handle with one of his hands, he had both of his hands underneath the bottom of the tray while carrying it around. He was so nervous and you could tell he was just trying to be so careful with it! It really made me stop and think though about how sacred the sacrament really is, and how we should all treat it that reverently and carefully. Its easy to get into the routine of it, and I think its easy to forget just how sacred it really is, and its true importance. I'm striving to treat the sacrament just as carefully as David did :) I will never forget that sacrament meeting!

I love you all so much! 
Trunky moment of the week: When the mission office calls you telling you they're BOOKING YOUR FLIGHT HOME! It happened. I'm kinda freaking out a little. 
I think President was inspired in knowing I needed a little extra responsibility around here to keep me going strong! haha. Dont let me get trunky y'all! Its a real thing! 
But really, I love this work more than anything in this world! And I think I'm trying to hide my real emotions because its going to take everything in me to be able to even step on that plane leaving Houston. So thats why we just dont even think about it! :)
There's just still so much to do :)
Love you!
Have the best week ever! 
xoxo sister huber

best comp ever :) miss her so much already!

me & sister lambright- Kim this is for you! show it to her sister :) we defs talk about you both all the time!

Monday, September 1, 2014

September 1st, 2014

Soooo my dear sister loo hoo is getting transferred :( we're both really sad and don't want new companions! But it was definitely time. There's been too much smooth sailin around here :) She's freaking out about having to go to a family ward haha. Whenever we go on exchanges in family wards its always so weird for us! I'm actually really glad though that I don't have to go back to that because I'm pretty sure I would go crazy! A young family came to listen to a talk in the YSA ward yesterday and hearing their crying child really threw me off. There's nothing I love more than a silent sacrament meeting :) 

Our GREAT news for the week- M... set a baptism date for himself! October 10th :) We had a really good lesson with him this week, and at the end he said the most amazing prayer I think I have EVER heard anyone give. The progress he's made is still mind blowing to us. 

We've randomly had tons of progress with some past investigators that we've dropped. I guess thats the key to getting them! N... came to institute on tuesday and loved it! She says she wants to come every week! She made some good friends there as well which is good for her :) B... out of nowhere came to church yesterday!! We haven't even talked to him in forever! It was even his birthday :) How crazy is that?! And we met with a few others as well that we had pretty much given up on, but now they wanna come back :) Miracles!!! 
And we even got some new guys to teach. I'll tell y'all about E.... E... came up to us while we were at a park teaching M.... He had a mug full of something alcoholic and was a little bit tipsy... He started taking matters into his own hands and decided that he wanted to lead the discussion himself haha. But then stopped and goes "Oh, is this his session?! (pointing at miguel) I'm sorry I'm sorry. Can I have a session? Life is just so great. its a beautiful day, I'm here with some beautiful ladies, talking about our beautiful lord and savior. What could be better than that?!" 
I'm glad most of my comps have been from outside of utah and know how to deal with drunk people because I just sit there and have no idea what to do haha. Its like a whole new world to me. Houston has taught me way more than just the gospel :) 
The good news is, E... was sober when he came to church yesterday. He actually came to church yesterday!! We've got our work cut out for us but it'll be good!

I'm so excited about this next transfer and I know that there is lots in store! 

Love you all TONS!!!

xoxo sister huber 

ps- its not allowed to send sister huber any more junk to eat! sister loo and I are having a diet competition from now til I go home :) Its been a problem having 2 poly comps in a row haha. I'm gonna need all the help I can get! #fatsistermissionaryprobs

** I got a wonderful letter from her Bishop in the YSA ward this morning and I am posting it here:

Hi Sister Horne.  It has been our fortune to have your daughter serving for a few months in our YSA ward as one of our full time missionaries.  Together with Sister Loo, 8 people have been baptized.

They are the best missionaries I have ever seen.  They are kind, thoughtful and hard working.  We have taken them a few times to Pappasitos, the best TexMex in the world, so they can enjoy fajitas.

More importantly, your daughter is an incredible person, a great reflection of her parents!  She has a wonderful glow and a sweet innocence.  She has touched our lives as well as the investigators she has befriended.

My wife and I know the sacrifice that missionaries make, along with their families.  Thank you for raising such a wonderful daughter, and for sharing her.  She has touched and will touch even more people on her mission.  She will come home having served well and helping her fellow man.  She will be more prepared for the future and the wonderful wife and mother she will be.

Thank you for your sacrifice that has been our great fortune!  :)

Best regards,
Bishop Rick Wallace

My transportation for the day :)

Beautiful Sunday evening

Top Golf with the crew!