Monday, September 15, 2014

September 15th, 2014

Huddle for Jesus Christ

Awkward moment for the week: (well, theres lots of those. but we'll go with this one)
So Sister Myers and I were contacting people on campus one day, and we walk around this corner to the football team having their practice. They were the only people that direction, so we didn't know if it was awkward to turn around and walk the opposite direction or just keep walking past them. In my head I was having this conflict like, do we talk to them? Do we put our heads down and hope they don't see us? we just didnt know what to do! so we just kept walking and as we're walking past, one of the players came up to us and just started talking to us so we told him who we were and what we were doing and he turns around and calls the WHOLE TEAM over to come and listen. So here we are, 2 little innocent looking girls with skirts on and scriptures in our hands in front of this huge team of dudes. We have been encouraged lately to find through family history, so we started talking (pretty much yelling so they all could hear) about their families. About 75% of them started talking about their moms and how much they love their moms so that was pretty funny. Really cute & sweet, but so hilarious at the same time! So then at the end when we were wrapping up talking to them, one of them says, 'alright lets break with a huddle!' We all huddle and sister myers and I are just beside ourselves haha and all of a sudden they yell "JESUS CHRIST ON 3!". I hope it wasn't disrespectful to huddle for Jesus but ya know, it could be worse I guess! 

We had a leadership training with President this week, and of course it was absolutely amazing! Definitely a highlight this week. President is one of the greatest people on earth! 

He talked to us about our roles as leaders, and he talked to us about the importance of leading by example & love. Our role is to help other missionaries realize their divine nature, and he said once they understand who they really are, they will be able to reach their full potential. He also talked a lot about our humility and faith in the lord, and how we have to turn to Him to ask Him what to do and how to do it. He said our prayers are going to be longer than they've ever been before, and we will be fasting more than we have been in the past! "There are fewer things that show your knowledge of your own nothingness to the lord, than fasting". I know from my own experiences that this is so true! 

He wants us to really get involved with not just every companionship in the zone, but every missionary as individuals. He is having us get so involved that I feel like I'm over 8 areas and not just 1! But I have already learned so many lessons that I know I will need in the future. The Lord is preparing me and blessing me in SO many ways! I seriously feel so blessed by Him. 

The work is going great and as always, there is almost too much going on! But I love it and wouldn't have it any other way! Got a couple investigators who have baptism dates and pray that we can commit E... this week!!

I love you all so much! I feel your prayers every single day :)

sister huber 

Sister Huber and Sister Myers

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