Wednesday, October 30, 2013

October 28th, 2013

Just enjoying another beautiful day in H town! I have never been so ready to start a new week. haha. missionaries definitely have their weeks. but it just brings so much more determination to push through even harder the next! This sounds kinda pathetic. But I feel like ever since I have gotten here things have been so great and we always had great investigators and tons of success and as we work hard day after day we see the blessings almost instantly. But I think Heavenly Father is wanting to test me a whole lot more right now! hahaha. I just say bring it. Its discouraging when you are working your hardest and you don't see anything great coming out of it. But its helped me to learn to rely on Him more and align my will with His and let things happen on His timing! He lets us struggle sometimes. And I have realized its a blessing when He does. I don't think I have ever said I am grateful for the struggles in my life until now. 
We had zone conferences this week with president! I know I say this almost every week. But President Pingree is hands down the best mission president in the world. Everyone in the mission is convinced that we were all sent here because we needed him as our mission president! He and sister pingree are absolutely perfect. 

We had a whole lesson on being missionaries in the bible belt and comparing the godhead and the trinity and how that is the biggest difference in their beliefs vs ours. 86% of converts come from either the protestant faith (lutheran, methodist, baptist) or Catholicism. So we were told to start looking in the pews of other faiths and start preaching! We actually are teaching --- and ---, a couple who is methodist. --- used to be baptist but then started going to the methodist church with renee. We taught them the first lesson and they were all over it and they are coming to church with us this week. She has already read the whole book of mormon and loves it! We tracted into them one day, and we know the Lord led us to them because they are so prepared. --- is also starting the lessons this week! She is the excommunicated member who like when I got here was like you better not even mention the discussions when you visit me! hahaha. She has had such a change of heart and a huge desire to be baptized again and get back on the right path. I have grown to love her a ton over the past few months. 
We actually did really good on lessons this week. Taught a good amount of people! We are working really closely with the members which has been so much fun. This ward really is so great! Never a dull moment though. This one lady faked an entire pregnancy which was crazy. Talk about drama hahaha. Thats a whole other story. anyways, everything here is great! loving every single moment! apparently halloween here is sketch so we have to be locked up in our apartments by 6 haha. safety first I guess! haha hope you all have a great week! love you!!!!
sister huber 

Zone Conference

Monday, October 21, 2013

October 21st, 2013

well I wish I had lots of exciting things to say this week! But unfortunately it wasnt too eventful haha. It happens. Our zone got split which is crazzyyy! We went from having 12 sisters in the zone, to 4 now haha. And like 8 elders I think? its actually pretty small now. I also got out of being the designated driver finally. which means I'm probably out next transfer haha. It was way funny actually cause there is a sister in our zone who came out when I did, and she was in this zone, got transferred out, and then got transferred back in the zone and is now in her 3rd area and I'm still living it up in the same place I was 5 months ago! hahaha. I love it though. We had temple this week which was soooo needed. We finally got to see the new video and it is unreal. oh man I loved it. Also- here's a good story. so yesterday at church a member of the bishopric comes up to me and is like, so we had a speaker cancel last minute and so we figured a sister missionary can throw a talk together real quick! So lucky sister huber got to go up and speak with like no heads up really and just wing a talk on charity. hahaha. and to make it even better, I had to speak with a man who is probably more intimidating than the prophet. I about died. But i'm alive so theres a miracle for the week right there!
We reactivated an inactive member which is exciting! We are working on her husband but that might take a little while. We also got like 2 new investigators this week but neither are really progressing yet. Its all on the Lord's way and on His time! We were challenged to pray and not ask for one thing, only thanking for things and it really made me closer with my heavenly father. I didn't think it would have as big of an impact on me as it really did! We weren't supposed to pray asking for Him to help anyone, or anything. Which seemed kinda weird but it really is so amazing how much I asked for and didnt realize how much I really was getting from the Lord! It definitely made me so much more grateful and I feel like it made me have a much stronger relationship with Him.
Christ truly has become my best friend. He is there when you feel like no one else is. He wants you to be happy and to succeed. Rely on Him for everything!!!

xoxo sister huber

Monday, October 14, 2013

October 14th, 2013

not a lot of time to write today. but I wanted yall to know everythings great! :) got a few new investigators this week so that is exciting. a couple seem pretty promising so we are praying they start progressing here! one of them like loves mormons and cant stop talking about the book of Mormon so she's definitely prepared. We had a huge missionary fireside last night with all of the ward leaders and are working on our end of the year ward mission plan! we are focusing a lot on reactivations now too which is really cool. my comp is great and the work is goin!! I send my love to Utah!!!
xoxo sister huber

In front of an investigator's car that he paid cash for.... Sister Huber is impressed!

October 7th, 2013

another week of transfers and I am staying once again!!! I've decided I would be pretty content staying here the rest of my mish. Its amazing how much you love the people and they become your family. I honestly don't know how I am gonna take it when I do get transferred. Especially cause next transfer is thanksgiving AND Christmas and I better not be sent to a new area!!!!! jk. but kinda not haha. Mamma sevy already said that she is having us over to spend the night on Christmas eve! But whatever happens, happens :) I love it here though. The work was a little slower this week. I was kinda expecting it though since we just had a way good and successful couple months. So we hit our downhill but its okay! We are gonna go right back up here pretty soon! We have quite a few potential investigators that we are going to work with this week. We went from having like 7 way good progressing investigators down to like 2. Its definitely been one of the Lord's tests though! I know that times like these are the only way that we can grow and become even better and stronger missionaries. Conference was SOOO great and helped me both personally, and as a missionary. Elder Scott's talk was probably my favorite. His or the black guy who spoke Saturday morning. His was wayyyyy good. I forgot his name haha. I felt like a lot of the talks were on the Atonement and using it more in our lives. Or at least thats what the Lord was trying to get me to hear! I think that a lot of times, we think that the atonement is just for our sins and we only use it when we do something wrong. But really, the Atonement is way more than that. It has an enduring power that I have had to call upon a lot since being a missionary. Yes, we are supposed to use the atonement when we need to be cleansed of something, but He suffered for much more than just our sins. It makes it possible for us all to become one with him. Whenever we are burdened with something, or hurt by someone, or struggling with personal weaknesses, or even simply just want to feel of His love, the Atonement is there for all of that. He has personally experienced all of that. He wants us to call upon Him and let Him walk with us every step of the way.
I am glad to hear that I am missing the Utah snow and enjoying the beautiful texas sunshine! :) couldn't be more perfect! I love you all and I AM SO EXCITED THAT MY SISTER BETTY IS JOINING ME IN THE MISSION FIELD!!!!! texas Houston mission maybe? :) I think yes :) its the best one in the world! miss you all tons!
sister huber