Monday, October 14, 2013

October 7th, 2013

another week of transfers and I am staying once again!!! I've decided I would be pretty content staying here the rest of my mish. Its amazing how much you love the people and they become your family. I honestly don't know how I am gonna take it when I do get transferred. Especially cause next transfer is thanksgiving AND Christmas and I better not be sent to a new area!!!!! jk. but kinda not haha. Mamma sevy already said that she is having us over to spend the night on Christmas eve! But whatever happens, happens :) I love it here though. The work was a little slower this week. I was kinda expecting it though since we just had a way good and successful couple months. So we hit our downhill but its okay! We are gonna go right back up here pretty soon! We have quite a few potential investigators that we are going to work with this week. We went from having like 7 way good progressing investigators down to like 2. Its definitely been one of the Lord's tests though! I know that times like these are the only way that we can grow and become even better and stronger missionaries. Conference was SOOO great and helped me both personally, and as a missionary. Elder Scott's talk was probably my favorite. His or the black guy who spoke Saturday morning. His was wayyyyy good. I forgot his name haha. I felt like a lot of the talks were on the Atonement and using it more in our lives. Or at least thats what the Lord was trying to get me to hear! I think that a lot of times, we think that the atonement is just for our sins and we only use it when we do something wrong. But really, the Atonement is way more than that. It has an enduring power that I have had to call upon a lot since being a missionary. Yes, we are supposed to use the atonement when we need to be cleansed of something, but He suffered for much more than just our sins. It makes it possible for us all to become one with him. Whenever we are burdened with something, or hurt by someone, or struggling with personal weaknesses, or even simply just want to feel of His love, the Atonement is there for all of that. He has personally experienced all of that. He wants us to call upon Him and let Him walk with us every step of the way.
I am glad to hear that I am missing the Utah snow and enjoying the beautiful texas sunshine! :) couldn't be more perfect! I love you all and I AM SO EXCITED THAT MY SISTER BETTY IS JOINING ME IN THE MISSION FIELD!!!!! texas Houston mission maybe? :) I think yes :) its the best one in the world! miss you all tons!
sister huber

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