Monday, October 21, 2013

October 21st, 2013

well I wish I had lots of exciting things to say this week! But unfortunately it wasnt too eventful haha. It happens. Our zone got split which is crazzyyy! We went from having 12 sisters in the zone, to 4 now haha. And like 8 elders I think? its actually pretty small now. I also got out of being the designated driver finally. which means I'm probably out next transfer haha. It was way funny actually cause there is a sister in our zone who came out when I did, and she was in this zone, got transferred out, and then got transferred back in the zone and is now in her 3rd area and I'm still living it up in the same place I was 5 months ago! hahaha. I love it though. We had temple this week which was soooo needed. We finally got to see the new video and it is unreal. oh man I loved it. Also- here's a good story. so yesterday at church a member of the bishopric comes up to me and is like, so we had a speaker cancel last minute and so we figured a sister missionary can throw a talk together real quick! So lucky sister huber got to go up and speak with like no heads up really and just wing a talk on charity. hahaha. and to make it even better, I had to speak with a man who is probably more intimidating than the prophet. I about died. But i'm alive so theres a miracle for the week right there!
We reactivated an inactive member which is exciting! We are working on her husband but that might take a little while. We also got like 2 new investigators this week but neither are really progressing yet. Its all on the Lord's way and on His time! We were challenged to pray and not ask for one thing, only thanking for things and it really made me closer with my heavenly father. I didn't think it would have as big of an impact on me as it really did! We weren't supposed to pray asking for Him to help anyone, or anything. Which seemed kinda weird but it really is so amazing how much I asked for and didnt realize how much I really was getting from the Lord! It definitely made me so much more grateful and I feel like it made me have a much stronger relationship with Him.
Christ truly has become my best friend. He is there when you feel like no one else is. He wants you to be happy and to succeed. Rely on Him for everything!!!

xoxo sister huber

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