Monday, January 27, 2014

January 27th, 2014

quite the FREEZING week here! I don't really know what happened but out of no where it snowed!! It didnt really make it to the ground but they canceled school and everything was shut down it was pretty crazy actually! then it was like in the 70's yesterday and its supposed to snow again tomorrow. who even knows!
We had training and interviews this week which is always good :) The thing I love about president is he is so not intimidating. he is just so chill and so real! Like half of my interview he was just laughing about everything haha. he is the best.
We have really struggled with finding people to teach here and we felt that service is going to be the biggest thing we can do to find people so one day we just put on our service clothes and got some rakes and went to an area and started knocking doors asking if we could rake their yards! We knocked a few doors and no one answered so we stopped and said a prayer and asked for guidance and we all felt that we needed to go down this one street so we went and the second door that we knocked a lady answered the door and we started talking and she couldn't believe that we were willing to do her yard work! It took like 3 hours but she was beyond grateful and it opened her heart to letting us come back and visit with her! She's a 24 year old girl and she lives with a bunch of guys in this house and said she has been praying to have some good girlfriends in her life. We are really praying that we can get somewhere with her! We know that The Lord led us to her that day and that she is definitely being prepared to hear this gospel. 
Something cool that we have been doing with the members is a one minute challenge where we teach them how to share the message of the restoration in under a minute. The idea is for them to have something in mind to share with those people they come into contact with when they are asked what their beliefs are and it has been going really well! A couple of the members have said that just days after we did it with them someone came up to them at work and asked them questions about our church and the book of mormon and they were able to share with them really briefly the restoration and now their friends are interested! Its been really helpful even to us as missionaries!  
Our district on saturday volunteered at a homeless shelter in conroe and I have never seen anything so sad in my entire life! these people literally live in the forest. they are lucky if they have a tent and sleeping bag. some of them live in their cars in parking lots and they all line up at this center to be fed and to keep warm and get some help. Sister Ae I were in charge of getting them food and we sat down and talked with them and they shared their stories with us and it was sooo so sad. I felt guilty after for all of the things that I have that I take advantage of. It was one of those experiences that I definitely needed to have because a lot of times I dont even realize or recognize how blessed i really am! We usually are the ones humbling the people here but this time it was definitely the other way around! These people were so happy too and so strong and so grateful for the tiny things they did have. It made me feel like such an ungrateful little girl! That night I came home and couldn't even ask for anything in my prayers I just spent probably 10 minutes straight thanking my heavenly father for everything I had and was grateful for and it was the best feeling ever! Its something I definitely need to be better at! Its been a really good week for sure :)
I love you all!!!
xoxo sister huber

Training and Interview day

Monday, January 20, 2014

January 20th 2014

BEST WEEK EVER. ahhhhh :):) we finally have investigators who are progressing and its such a miracle!! we have been fasting and praying for so long for people to teach and after 2 months we were finally blessed with someone! Grandpa sent me a letter a little while ago that I really liked. It was from a talk that someone gave in the MTC at a devotional and he shared it with me. He was talking about Ammon and his companions on their mission (Alma 28:8) and how just like they did, we are going to experience incomprehensible joy on our missions but that in order to have that you are going to have to experience hard times as well. Every time that you are struggling or suffering through something, it is just preparing you to experience that joy that is to come! And I can now say that it really does come!! Sometimes not right when you want it, but when the Lord feels that you are ready :)
So their names are --- and --- and they are SO great! Its a mom and a daughter and they have been going through a lot of things lately in their lives. They are friends with a family in the ward and --- is planning on going to BYU this fall. So they came to church for the second time yesterday but this time they stayed for all 3 hours! We taught them after church at the members home and actually ended up teaching them all of the lessons in like 2 1/2 hours haha it was so crazy but they just kept asking question after question! They had tons of questions about the temple and stuff cause thats what the topic was in sacrament meeting and after we talked with them about baptisms for the dead they totally agreed with it and said how it just made sense to them! Like are they ready or what?! they are just so awesome. Also our ward members are probably the best in the entire world :) best ward ever!!

Christmas Conference (Sister Huber is right in the middle)

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

January 13th, 2014

crazy crazy week here! I dont even know why but it was so exhausting. Sister Ae and I both crashed after planning last night and didn't even hear when our DL called to get our numbers haha. we taught 34 lessons this week! the most I have ever taught my whole time being out here. We also stayed under our weekly miles for the first time ever hahaha so HF really is blessing us.
We started out the week with a little companionship heart to heart and all felt that we needed to work on having more specific prayers and having full faith in the lord and aligning our will with His. When about Wednesday hit we realized that all of our lessons so far had all be centered on faith. It was really cool to see how each was so different, but all had the same underlying message. so we kinda relized that we needed to more fully understand that the lord has a plan for us and for this area and that nothing is going to happen unless we show Him that we trust Him and include Him in this work! he definitely blessed us by giving us so many opportunities this week to teach!

Monday, January 6, 2014

January 6th, 2014

Another new year and the weeks are seriously flying by! Ever since I got here I thought how cool it would be to have a poly companion cause there are SO MANY OF THEM here in the THM. like, so many. and who woulda known that I would get one?! I was so excited to get another comp who isnt from utah or idaho. hahaha. even though I am one of those. so there's nothing wrong with them :) haha Her name is Sister Ae and she is straight from hawaii! She is like samoan and tongan and all of those crazy poly races put together. and she is so dang funny. the trio is crazzyyy fun! Not a lot of missionaries like trios and not a lot of missionaries like living with members but it seriously is like a big party every day and I love it SO much!!! The more the merrier! We definitely need her here!
We still are working on finding solid people to teach. We did a lot of street contacting this week and got a lot of lessons that way, so really its just about planting those seeds with people right now and being out where people can see us. That is the one bad thing about having a car is that we aren't really seen that much. So we are working on being in public places and actually walking places like most missionaries in the world have to do! Its good for us anyways :) It was a slower week and not a ton went on but we are keepin the faith! our force just got bigger so things are gonna be happening :)

Sister Andersen, Sister Huber, Elder Harris & Elder Christensen

Sister Huber, Sister Le & Sister Andersen

New Years Eve 2013