Wednesday, January 15, 2014

January 13th, 2014

crazy crazy week here! I dont even know why but it was so exhausting. Sister Ae and I both crashed after planning last night and didn't even hear when our DL called to get our numbers haha. we taught 34 lessons this week! the most I have ever taught my whole time being out here. We also stayed under our weekly miles for the first time ever hahaha so HF really is blessing us.
We started out the week with a little companionship heart to heart and all felt that we needed to work on having more specific prayers and having full faith in the lord and aligning our will with His. When about Wednesday hit we realized that all of our lessons so far had all be centered on faith. It was really cool to see how each was so different, but all had the same underlying message. so we kinda relized that we needed to more fully understand that the lord has a plan for us and for this area and that nothing is going to happen unless we show Him that we trust Him and include Him in this work! he definitely blessed us by giving us so many opportunities this week to teach!

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