Monday, January 20, 2014

January 20th 2014

BEST WEEK EVER. ahhhhh :):) we finally have investigators who are progressing and its such a miracle!! we have been fasting and praying for so long for people to teach and after 2 months we were finally blessed with someone! Grandpa sent me a letter a little while ago that I really liked. It was from a talk that someone gave in the MTC at a devotional and he shared it with me. He was talking about Ammon and his companions on their mission (Alma 28:8) and how just like they did, we are going to experience incomprehensible joy on our missions but that in order to have that you are going to have to experience hard times as well. Every time that you are struggling or suffering through something, it is just preparing you to experience that joy that is to come! And I can now say that it really does come!! Sometimes not right when you want it, but when the Lord feels that you are ready :)
So their names are --- and --- and they are SO great! Its a mom and a daughter and they have been going through a lot of things lately in their lives. They are friends with a family in the ward and --- is planning on going to BYU this fall. So they came to church for the second time yesterday but this time they stayed for all 3 hours! We taught them after church at the members home and actually ended up teaching them all of the lessons in like 2 1/2 hours haha it was so crazy but they just kept asking question after question! They had tons of questions about the temple and stuff cause thats what the topic was in sacrament meeting and after we talked with them about baptisms for the dead they totally agreed with it and said how it just made sense to them! Like are they ready or what?! they are just so awesome. Also our ward members are probably the best in the entire world :) best ward ever!!

Christmas Conference (Sister Huber is right in the middle)

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