Monday, June 30, 2014

June 30th, 2014

even mission families are forever <3

Who knew a mission would bring so many wild emotions...
Its been one of those weeks where I think I have felt every single emotion in the entire world. But it has also been one of the most amazing weeks in such a unique way.

We were SO blessed to be able to have the opportunity to attend the temple this week with President and Sister Pingree and also the temple president and his wife. If I were to list the top moments of my entire life- this would probably up there at #1.
It. Was. Incredible. Words cant even begin to describe it. It was a once in a life time experience that I will never forget.
It was a little bit of what Heaven is going to be like. The Pingrees welcomed each missionary into the Celestial room one by one, and wrapped their arms around us. In that moment, president whispered into my ear "I love you. And I am so proud of you and who you've become" I couldn't help but think of leaving this life, and being welcomed into Heaven by our Heavenly Father and Mother and them just wrapping their arms around each one of their children and telling them how much they love them. Being able to watch other missionaries have that same experience, and seeing the love that was radiating from everyone was something I can't even describe. It literally felt like we were in Heaven. I will never forget the spirit that was there. We are all one big family here in the THM <3 and it was bittersweet knowing that things would never be the same. Having to say goodbye to the Pingrees brought lots of tears. That might even be an understatement haha. I don't think any of us thought that it would be so hard! It was really, really hard. 
They are 2 of the most amazing people I have ever met. Being able to serve with them for the past 13 months has been the biggest blessing of my entire life. I know without a doubt that Heavenly Father knew I needed each of them in my life. President not only helped me to become a missionary, but he helped me to become the daughter of God that I have the potential to be. Through his loving guidance and example, I have received a whole new perspective on life. President Pingree changed my life, and I will eternally be grateful to him and his sweet family <3 They definitely left their mark here in Houston & served with absolutely everything that they have, and they are going to be missed way more than they will ever know! 

I'm trying to be okay with this whole change thing. I hate change sometimes haha. President and Sister Mortensen and their family get here tonight and the Pingree's fly out & leave in the morning! Things are crazy. So sad. So exciting. Lots of crazy emotions flying around here but its all gonna work out cause it always does!
Heavenly Father has a plan. And this is just part of it :) My heart is so full and I am way too blessed!!

We had a really cool lesson with V-- this week.
He began by saying that his boss asked him to stay and work a couple more weekends because they have an event coming up and need the help. He asked us if it was okay if he held off coming to church for couple more weeks. We told him that it was completely up to him and it was whatever he felt like he needed to do! So he said that he would pray about it and see. So we watched a conference talk by President Monson on prayer and receiving answers to prayer, and afterwards we were all talking about the thoughts and feelings we had as he was speaking. Viet just looked at us and said "Sister Loo & Sister Huber, I received my answer, and I need to be at church on Sunday. I am going to call my boss after this and tell him that I can't work anymore". :) it was one of those proud parent moments I feel like haha. Do we not have the best investigators in the entire world?!

Another highlight of the week was our lesson with B--. He is with the summer sales group! He was a pretty big punk at first hahaha. But boy has he softened up! The spirit is literally changing this boy completely. It has been so neat to see. We have to get creative with our lessons to keep things exciting for him so we related the whole restoration lesson to longboarding. And yes, we were very proud of it haha. He accepted baptism!! So exciting!

Everyone else is still doing really well! Lots of investigators progressing so we can't complain! :) Kp received the priesthood yesterday so that was really special. He just continues to amaze us every single day! Rumor is, he is going to baptize V-- :) How cool is that?!?! They make us so happy haha.
Heavenly Father is hastening his work here big time!! We are too blessed!

I hope everyone has another amazing week OUTSIDE of this Houston humidity! Enjoy it for me :):) haha LOVE YOU!!!!! 

sister huber

the greatest people you will ever meet <3

Sister Loo and Sister Huber

painting mike's house with Isaaclyn!

the greatest gospel principles class ever! 

our people > your people :)

Sister Loo's Birthday

Temple Training

Monday, June 23, 2014

June 23rd, 2014

You know you're in Texas when you have your investigator read Moroni 10 3-5 and he starts out like this- "Behold, I would exhort you that when y'all shall read these things..." hahahaha. Yes that did happen. Have to put the southern language into the Book of Mormon to be able to understand it! I about DIED but prayed to HF to help me keep a straight face. I LOVE TEXANS :)

So first things first here. Remember m---? The southern baptist who was SO STUBBORN and had to be taught everything from the bible and nothing else?! We haven't been able to meet with him for a couple weeks now because he's been ignoring us. We were super sad about it and we had this lesson planned to teach him that we really felt would help him in his conversion and resolve his concerns but we were never able to get in contact with him! So we were being hopeful and thought maybe he just needed some time to think and to figure out his answer so we stopped trying to reach out to him for a bit. Saturday night we sent him a text inviting him to come to church again and you will NEVER believe the response we got. Sister Loo and I can't even believe it still! He texted us saying that he would be at church and that HE WANTS TO BE BAPTIZED!!!!! He said he realized what we have been teaching him is true and that he wants what we have. We kinda started freaking out a little bit and thought we might have been getting punked haha. But no this is for real!!!! We were talking to him before church started and he said that he just needed some time to ponder on some things and recognize his answer. He asked when the soonest he could be baptized was and so we set a date with him for July 5th!!! The bible bashing M--- is becoming a Mormon!! My work here is officially done & I've accomplished what I've been sent to the south to do :) hahaha jk. But really its still like a dream to us. Its a miracle!!! 

We taught J--- the Plan of Salvation and extended a baptism date for July 12th with him. His grandpa who was a preacher baptized him so he felt like that was good enough. We resolved some concerns that he had and he said that he is open to asking God and receiving an answer! He came to church for the third time yesterday and his testimony keeps getting stronger! We have a lot of hope for him :) 

Danielle is becoming quite the missionary! She came out with us this week and bore her testimony to one of our investigators and she started tearing up so then we started tearing up and it was just so powerful! She is getting her temple recommend this week to go and do baptisms!! I am just so happy for her. There has been a huge change in her since she was baptized, and she was already so amazing before! She just needs a missionary tag and she's good to go haha. We were getting out of the car to go to an appointment and we were getting ready to pray so Sister Loo told danielle that we always pray before we get out of the car, and danielle goes "Oh I know! I saw that on The District!" hahaha. She sits at home and watches the mormon channel instead of normal TV. I told her I hope I can be like her when I go home haha. Shes amazing! 

The most rewarding moment of the week- 
We were over at KP's house talking to him about the priesthood, and right before the lesson was over he asked if he could share his testimony with us. The spirit was so strong right as he started, and he looks up at us and said, "Sister Loo & Sister Huber, you changed my life." He then went on and bore one of the sweetest, most powerful testimonies I have ever heard. This gospel changed his life the moment he first heard it. He has given it everything he has, and he has become a completely different person in such a short amount of time. I can't even wait for him to get the priesthood on Sunday and see the change that brings in him. This gospel does things to people that nothing else can! My testimony has grown so much recently from hearing the testimonies of our recent converts. I am amazed at their faith and conviction when sharing what they know to be true. They carry a spirit about them that just brings so much joy to everyone around them! I love them more and more every time we get to be around their sweet spirits. I didn't know it was possible to love people so much! They truly have become my brothers and sisters and I am so grateful that the Lord put us all in each other's lives. They have become one of my biggest blessings! 

V--- has his last weekend of work this week and then he gets to come to church!!! It is going to be the best day EVER. He and KP are bffs now and they told us that they are planning to start a business together hahaha. One of our recent converts and one of our investigators are going into a business together. How great is that?! Now if thats not some brotherly unity I dont know what is! They call each other big brother and little brother haha. And they just met like a couple weeks ago. We have THE GREATEST people on the whole earth right here in this ward :) Sam Houston 2nd for the win :)

I love you all so much! & I love this gospel with all of my heart! You all are such great blessings to me and I wouldn't be here without ya!
Keep on keepin on! Have the best week ever!

sister huber

The "snow cone" church as Danielle calls it

We had an impromptu game night for an investigator who asked if there was an activity Wednesday night. And without hesitation, we said "of course!" And there wasn't a game night... so we planned one!

Face mask fun!

Postcard of the Week

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

June 16th, 2014

Texas Summer Round 2

here is so much to say I dont even know where to start!!!

Sister Loo and I are both staying in the singles ward for another transfer together! yay! We are just getting started :) Her and I seriously work so great together- I don't think I have worked and pushed myself so hard in my entire life. AND we never fail to have SO MUCH FUN!! We are super excited :):) We just have Bishop and the stake president asking us when the next baptism is now haha. We've created some high expectations for ourselves it seems like!
And thats not even the best news! So we had specialized training with President Pingree this week (which is a whole other story), and at the end of it he asked to meet with Sister Loo. Since she hit her halfway mark out here, he gave her the option of choosing to stay here in Texas for the rest of her mission, or choosing to still wait for her visa to Brazil. He told her that by Sunday night she needed to make her decision. So we have been having a lot of late night chats and prayers, and she felt really strongly about staying here and making this her mission for good! SISTER LOO IS STAYING IN TEXAS!!!! It was a really cool experience for the both of us. As some of you know, recently I made a pretty big decision in my life that was really hard for me to make. So about a week ago Sister Loo helped me a ton in realizing my answer that the Lord was giving me, and giving me the encouragement I needed to make the decision that I knew I needed to make even though it wasn't necessarily the answer that I wanted!! And then right after, she was faced with this huge decision that she didn't see coming, and we went through the exact same process, with the exact same results. She wanted so badly to make it to Brazil, but in her heart she knew that The Lord had a different plan for her. It was so cool for us last night to look back on these experiences we've had, both individually and as a companionship, and see how The Lord's plan just fell into place. We both faced these decisions, where both of our options we faced were good! And I think that was the hardest thing about it. Not one choice was better than the other. They both were very good options we each had to choose from! But The Lord was able to lead us to what He wants for us. And even though both of our answers to our decisions wasn't exactly what we wanted at first, after making these decisions, we both felt so much peace and joy and excitement about them! I know that we have been placed with each other for a reason. I feel like I have grown more in these past 6 weeks than I have my entire mission. And I know it's because The Lord is in complete control!

So during specialized training, President went into depth with the restoration. You'd think after teaching it multiple times a day for 13 months now that I'd know just about all there is to know about it, but holy cow!! We learned SO MUCH!!!! I seriously got so much out of it. And then he had sister loo and I do a practice teach with him in front of everyone, and he was playing the part of one of our investigators, and the revelation was just flowin. It was SO powerful. I think it was so powerful too because we didnt even have time to really pull our thoughts together before we taught. We just went for it and the spirit guided us 100% in what we said! None of what we said was from us! Even afterwards president was like, I felt the spirit so strongly as you were teaching me, and as you were asking me those inspired questions, I really feel that those answers that came to my mind were exactly what this man is thinking. I know that this is his concern and what is holding him back. IT WAS SO CRAZY!!!! The spirit is the single most important tool in missionary work!! Sister Loo and I are stoked to go and teach him now :) I love experiences like those!!!

DANIELLE GOT BAPTIZED!!! She's the cutest ever. She's like our BFF. haha.  Her boyfriend's dad, brother nunez, baptized her so that was really neat! Sister nunez was talking to us and said that before jared (the bf) left for his mission, Danielle never showed any interest in the church and they never ever thought that she would take the missionary lessons, and then actually join the church! Danielle said she didn't even know what changed in her but once he left, she wanted to meet with us and try it out without him here. She is so strong in her testimony, and she is already a huge example to her family and friends. We are just so happy for her :)

The only downside to having your investigators get baptized, is then you know its REALLY time to find some new ones. Its seriously crazy how busy we've been with teaching people. Never before have we not had time to actually go finding! But this whole past transfer was just teaching and baptizing, & more teaching and more baptizing haha. So on wednesday we had about 3 hours of time to fill- so we decided to spend all 3 of those hours finding! We were kinda really dreading it. So we had to make it into a game for us to have the motivation to actually do it hahaha. I feel so pathetic even writing this right now haha. So we made a goal that in those 3 hours, we were going to pass out 6 BOMs. We prayed and told HF that we had the faith to reach this goal and asked him to guide us in where we needed to go! And to help us embrace this humidity. So we came to terms that we were going to sweat and feel really, REALLY gross, got out of our car and started finding! It was super cool because we actually really didn't even knock that many doors. People just started walking out of their apartments and on the streets and so it was really easy for us to just go up and start talking to them! Within 2 1/2 hours, we had passed out 6 BOMs, 5 of which were to YSA's!! We were able to teach all of them and set up times to come back to teach them again! It was the best feeling ever. Whenever we set a goal with faith, The Lord ALWAYS provides a way to accomplish it!! 

So we took a trip to the projects this week. We had to keep reminding ourselves that we were still in the US. But really we pretty much crossed the border into mexico. Not one person spoke english, every sign was in spanish, and I think I was the only white person in sight haha. We were visiting a referral that was given to us, of a girl named A--. Her apartment was the scariest thing I have ever been into in my whole entire life. Cement floors. Bugs EVERYWHERE. The smell was something I cant even begin to describe. It was so bad. I feel like it was equivalent to being in a jail cell. She had all these cuts on her and stitches everywhere so we asked her what happened and she goes on to tell us this story about how just the other day she was walking back from outside into her apartment, and this man yelled for her to come and she didnt, so he came and basically started attacking her. She started fighting back and he ended up pushing her into a window and she got up and was just covered in blood. She was telling us this story like it was no big deal and that its something that just happens all the time or something! We both were like freaking out. The whole place is just sketch. On the plus side- I did have my pepper spray with me! hahaha. I don't know if we will be back. I do know that we are protected though. We met this man outside of his apartment (not those ones haha) and we got talking with him and he just looked at us and told us that he knows we aren't alone. He had seen us walking around and at first he said he was concerned about 2 young girls walking around Houston like that, but then he said that he saw and felt the angels that were with us. It was like 100 degrees outside and I got chills as he was saying that. He started getting choked up and just said that he knows that we are God's servants and that we are doing His work because he saw the protection and help that God sent us. How amazing is that?! It was such a neat experience talking to him. 

Okay so another HUGE MIRACLE- V-- got the job!!!!!!! It was the one job that he could find that wasn't on Sundays. He is doing door to door sales for comcast. Not exactly what he was wanting to do haha but he said that he is going to try it out because he wants to be able to come to church on Sundays!! He will be done with his current job at the end of this month, so we have his date set for July 26 right now. He was telling us all about it and he goes "i'm really sad though. because now I wont be able to go to FHE or Institute anymore". haha but he knows he is making the right decision :) We are just so excited!!

Yesterday after church, we went with a couple members, KP, David, and V-- to the temple grounds to have a little lesson. We ended up doing a little testimony meeting kinda thing and it was actually really neat! KP almost had me in tears bearing his sweet testimony. I am amazed at how solid they all are in their testimonies, especially after just joining the church. The spirit of the temple even on the grounds is just amazing too! We are way too blessed to have it right by us. This is what this work is all about! It doesn't just end at baptism! The real reward is being able to watch them prepare & then make it inside the temple :) Nothing in this world is greater than this <3

Its been a really great week here and they are going to just keep getting better and better! I couldn't do any of this without y'all! Love and miss each of you so much!! 

xoxo from houston
sister huber

we stole the wheatstone sisters bikes cause we were a little jealous :)

No this is not Mexico...
Our weekly planning board! Heavenly Father is blessing us so much!
6 Books of Mormon Miracle
Buc-Ees Trip!

With "the boys" at the temple... KP and V-- first time, and David's first time after being baptized.
Sooo many mosquito bites...

danielles baptism! isnt she just the cutest?!
Specialized Training

Goodness gracious where do I even begin?!

I first want to say that EVERYBODY NEEDS TO SERVE A MISSION. It is the GREATEST thing that has ever happened to me. I cant even begin to say how grateful I am that The Lord had it in His plans for me, even when I didn't have it in my plans for myself. It has blessed my life in so many ways that only a mission could! Everyone needs to experience it because it really is THAT AMAZING. Its kinda scary to think of my life not having served a mission! I say all the time how I cant even picture what my life would be like without it. Going on a mission is the #1 best thing that anyone could ever do in their entire life. Its been hard. Actually really hard at times. It pushes you and pulls you in ways that you didnt even think was possible. But it brings you the most happiness that I think is ever possible for anyone to experience! It has been the highlight of my life :) I wish I could even begin to describe it! 

I want y'all to know how much I love this gospel. I have come to know with all of my heart that it is true. I was raised by amazing parents and had the influence of many of my role models who showed me what was right throughout my life. Over time I gained my own testimony of my Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ. Never until my mission could I say that I was completely converted to that testimony that I always had deep down! 
I always thought I knew what true happiness and joy was, and I chased after the things that I thought at the time would bring me that 'incomprehensible joy' that everyone always talked about. 
Not until I came out here on my mission did I realize what I really wanted in life. More importantly what my Heavenly Father wanted for me in my life. As I have developed and strengthened my own testimony of this gospel, I have also put what I know to be true into action. I can say for the first time in my life, I am converted to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I know it because my one and only desire is to share this amazing truth with my brothers and sisters here in Houston. I know it because when I share it with others, and watch them become converted to it, I experience THE MOST joy that I have EVER experienced in my entire life. Its something I can't even begin to explain or put into words. Never until my mission have I experienced TRUE joy and happiness.
I can testify to each of you, that the second you give yourself to the Lord- not just a part of you, but ALL of you, 110% of yourself- you will feel of a joy that you have never felt before. 
It took me a long time to get to that point. I will be the first to admit that I am a stubborn girl! I knew what I wanted and it didn't matter to me what anybody else thought, even the Lord for that matter. I had my own plans and desires for myself and I thought I knew what was best. But something has changed in me. It was a process, and it took a lot of prayer. A lot of fasting. I had to create a personal relationship with my Heavenly Father, and with my Savior. I had to learn humility. I had to learn how to trust. But the moment I gave my whole self up to The Lord, the day I completely surrendered myself to Him- was the day that changed my life. It changed my life for eternity. And I will never go back. 
Heavenly Father has a plan for every single one of His children. A plan that will help them to reach their full potential to become even as He is! A plan that will bring them through trials and tribulations at times- but also endless blessings and TRUE, ETERNAL HAPPINESS. He wants each of His children to feel of His love, and to be let into their lives. He is always there, waiting with open arms. He wants us so badly to be able to return back home to Him. I have learned that it really is so simple. Give your will up, and give it to your Father in Heaven. Let Him be the guide in your life. Do those things that you know to be true. Pray, Read the Scriptures, go to church, and keep the commandments. If we are consistently doing these things, we will not fail. We will not fall off the path. He promises us all that He has, and all we have to do is follow His Son Jesus Christ! 
Some of the greatest moments in my life have been in His holy temple, receiving His guidance and direction for me as His daughter. A lot of times it doesnt really make sense to me! I cant see the whole picture. But I know that He can. And so I simply put all of my trust in Him. He always reassures me of His love, and I can tell you that His love is real. It is the most amazing thing that I have ever felt or received. His love changes people. It changes lives. I have the most amazing calling in the world because I get to see this infinite love work through people every single day and watch it change their lives. 
This gospel is true. I feel so blessed every single day to know that I have it. There are people out there who need it. They need what we have. Let Christ's light and love shine through you, and be a witness of him at all times, in all things, and in all places! 
Let this gospel become a part of who you are. It will change your life- as long as you let it! 
I love each one of you so much and know that I wouldnt be where I am right now if it werent for your examples to me! Keep touching lives like you have touched mine! 
I will see you in a VERY short 5 months! 

lots of love from houston <3
sister huber 

Monday, June 9, 2014

June 9th, 2014

I don't even know what to say except for MIRACLES!!!!!

Another absolutely amazing week in H-Town!

Started with I-- braiding Sister Loo's hair last Monday and 9 HOURS LATER it was done!! It looks really good though so it was defs worth it haha. We sat and watched about every missionary approved movie there is and then had to finish the project at FHE that night. The adventures of a sister missionary!!

We had 2 exchanges this week! First with the Tomball sisters then with the Lakewood sisters. Sister Loo took one for the team and spent the day on a bike in Lakewood haha. Bless her heart. When we got home that night she just crashed on the floor cause she was so exhausted. This heat is no joke!! You better believe I thanked Heavenly Father for our car after that :) We are really spoiled! 

We finished D--'s lessons this week and she has her interview for baptism tomorrow!! She will be the 4th baptism just in this transfer. What what! Yesterday probably like 10 people at church came up to us and were like, Is this normal? The answer is no. No this is not normal hahaha. The only explanation we have for all of this success is The Lord! We have been blessed with amazing ward members, we have an amazing companionship and we are just working harder than we ever have before and we keep seeing miracle after miracle after miracle! Heavenly Father is the best :) 

PRAY FOR V--. The only thing that is stopping him from getting baptized is his job! He needs to be able to come to church. He goes to every other activity and institute throughout the week and he even came to the baptism on Saturday! He has an interview for a new job tomorrow and he chose that job specifically because he won't have to work on Sundays :) So pray that he gets this job!!!! He is so ready to be baptized. And he wants to so bad! 

We got 4 new really great investigators this week :) R-- & A-- who are friends. R-- actually grew up in SLC and recently moved here to Houston. So he knows lots about the church! We met them through the Longwood elders who have been working with them a little bit. 
Last night we had about 15 minutes until our appointment with W--, so we were walking around his apartments hoping to find someone to teach. Sister Loo was like, I have no idea where we need to go. I felt strongly about a certain building so we went over to the building and knocked on a door. We felt really uneasy about it so we left that door and was trying to figure out which one to knock next, and Sister Loo just started walking around the corner a certain direction and there was a door open with people inside so we started talking to them. One of the girls, L--, who is a YSA, came out and we taught her about the book of mormon and she wants to take the lessons and come to church!! She is coming to FHE tonight and we are so excited!! It was a really cool experience seeing how the lord worked through each of us as a companionship in leading us to a YSA who is ready to hear about the gospel. And once again it was in just a short 15 minutes that we had in between appointments! Every single minute is so SO important!! 
James found us a new investigator while knocking doors for his summer sales job. GOLDEN. let me tell you. He was at church yesterday and we are teaching him the first lesson tomorrow! He is just golden haha. Who has the best ward mission leader ever? We do :) 

We taught W-- the first lesson and he committed to be baptized on July 5! 

K-- came back from her Animae trip and we went over and taught her about tithing. She said that once she gets a job she will be willing to pay it. But the real issue there is her acutally getting a job haha. Her motivation level is pretty low. Who knows if she ever will even try to get one! Which means she won't be moving out of the bachelor pad any time soon... which means she won't be getting baptized haha. She has had all of the lessons now and says she wants to be baptized but she doesn't put the action in behind the desire! I don't really understand. Its been kinda frustrating for us so we have been thinking about dropping her and seeing if she makes any changes after that. Who knows!! she is a sweet girl with a ton of potential! but there is only so much we as missionaries can do sometimes! 

The best part about the entire week- The Baptism!!!!! We all wore green in honor of I-- cause its her favorite color :) The both of them had so much support and the spirit at their baptism was more powerful than any baptism I've been to before. It was seriously Christmas all over again! But better!! They were completely glowing. It was the cutest thing ever seeing how happy they are! I feel like a proud mom or something haha. You just can't really describe the feeling!! 

They are right on their way along with David to all go to do baptisms at the temple here real soon!! David and Kp are also working on getting the priesthood in a couple weeks too :) SO MUCH FUN!!!! They are all seriously the best. We have the best investigators in the world.

Coming up on the last week of the transfer! I can't even believe it! Where is all of this time going?! Its killin me!!!  We don't think anything will change so thats good :) We are just getting started! :) 
Its all because of y'alls support and encouragement to me :) I am so grateful for each one of you!! Always remember, "The Lord's way isn't the best way, it is the ONLY way" :) 
Lots of Love from Houston!

sister huber

Sister Loo's hair adventure!


the puppies :)

Monday, June 2, 2014

June 2nd, 2014

Another crazy but amazing week here in H-Town!!!

We had 2 exchanges this week- I went to the Bridgeland area and Sister Loo went to Silver Pines. We have definitely developed an appreciation for them!! We saw SO many miracles and it is always so fun to be able to see how other areas function. But it is always so nice to be able to be back with each other :)
I was with Sister Heaps one day, and we had about 15 minutes until our next appointment so we decided to pray and see where HF wanted for us to go and find. We drove past this street called Utah Ct. and I was like, we should defs go knocking doors in there! The first door we knocked on, this lady answered the door and let us in. She is from Kenya, and was telling us that she grew up Christian, but never really had a religion. We taught her the whole restoration, and at the end she committed to reading the BOM and being baptized!!! The spirit that was there was incredible. Its amazing how quickly she accepted it, and we know it was because the spirit was testifying of the truth to her right there! It was one of the coolest moments on my mission. I told the sisters to keep me posted on her :) We also taught --- - ---'s little brother- and he committed to baptism on the 28th! Sadly he is only 17 so we aren't able to teach him, but it is so cool to see all of the miracles coming from ---'s baptism! 

On Sister Loo's exchange, they tracted into a 19 year old boy named ---, and he was busy at the time so they gave him a pass along card and said to call us if he is ever interested. Well, no one ever calls when you give them a pass along card. haha. But yesterday morning before church, he called us and said he wanted to come to church!! So we found him a ride and he stayed for all 3 hours! The boys in this ward are seriously amazing at fellowshipping our investigators. We had 6 investigators at church yesterday, and each one had at least 2 people talking with them and sitting with them, and Sister Loo and I were just like not even knowing what we should do because the ward was taking care of every single one of them! It is the best thing ever. So one of the boys invited Will to FHE and basketball tonight and said he's going! Miracle right there!!! 

It was temple week this week! Best week ever!!! Its always so hard for us to leave. I don't think I really developed that strong love for the temple until my mission. Every time we go, I love it SO much more. Sister Loo and I said when we go home we will probs go every single day haha. Its like my new favorite hobby. Don't take the temple for granted!!!! Go as often as you can! Its amazing the strength that comes from it. The spirit I feel in there is my most favorite thing in the whole entire world. 

We taught --- this week and read from the BOM with her, and she agreed to being baptized! We don't have a date with her yet. She only has weekend jobs so pray she finds a new one soon so she can come to church!!

We were able to meet with --- for the first time since her surgery. She is very diligent in reading the BOM, but is hung up on priesthood authority. Its really hard for her to completely understand and accept. She can't really progress any more until she prays and receives an answer to find out for herself that it is true!  
--- is the exact same way. They both dig super deep into the doctrine- which can be very difficult at times haha. They are testing our knowledge thats for sure. Keeps us on our toes :) And they both have such a strong desire to know the truth! They are both just hung up on the priesthood authority and thats what holds EVERY LITTLE THING together. So its kinda a big thing to be hung up on! They are both so amazing though. And once they find out its true, they will accept and embrace the gospel with their whole hearts and it will be really cool to see. Just gotta break down this wall we have ran into somehow!

-- AND --- ARE GETTING BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY!!! Hands down this is going to be the #1 moment of my entire mission. Maybe my whole life haha. We are so excited!! They are just the cutest ever! In less than a month, they have completely changed their lives and become a part of this gospel. I have never seen anyone love it as much as they do. Their countenances have changed so much and every time we see them their faces just light up and they radiate the spirit. I can't wait to see them after they are baptized and have the HG!
Also Sister Loo and I have planned a trip with --- to go back to Africa with her :) And we are like 100% serious about this. I cant wait :) 

--- is cute as ever. She asked her BF's dad to baptize her and she is super excited about it! Next weekend is the big day! We are so excited! 

We have been so blessed with so many people to teach! We are worried that they will all get baptized and then we are going to wonder what to do haha. But we keep finding more and more people and I know the only way its all happening is because of The Lord! When He says He is hastening His work, He means it!! 

I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!! I am way to blessed and I just don't know what I did to deserve all this! 
I love every single one of you so much and am so grateful for you! Stay true to the faith! The Church is true!!

sister huber 

Sister Loo & I at the temple on a rainy day! 

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