Monday, June 9, 2014

June 9th, 2014

I don't even know what to say except for MIRACLES!!!!!

Another absolutely amazing week in H-Town!

Started with I-- braiding Sister Loo's hair last Monday and 9 HOURS LATER it was done!! It looks really good though so it was defs worth it haha. We sat and watched about every missionary approved movie there is and then had to finish the project at FHE that night. The adventures of a sister missionary!!

We had 2 exchanges this week! First with the Tomball sisters then with the Lakewood sisters. Sister Loo took one for the team and spent the day on a bike in Lakewood haha. Bless her heart. When we got home that night she just crashed on the floor cause she was so exhausted. This heat is no joke!! You better believe I thanked Heavenly Father for our car after that :) We are really spoiled! 

We finished D--'s lessons this week and she has her interview for baptism tomorrow!! She will be the 4th baptism just in this transfer. What what! Yesterday probably like 10 people at church came up to us and were like, Is this normal? The answer is no. No this is not normal hahaha. The only explanation we have for all of this success is The Lord! We have been blessed with amazing ward members, we have an amazing companionship and we are just working harder than we ever have before and we keep seeing miracle after miracle after miracle! Heavenly Father is the best :) 

PRAY FOR V--. The only thing that is stopping him from getting baptized is his job! He needs to be able to come to church. He goes to every other activity and institute throughout the week and he even came to the baptism on Saturday! He has an interview for a new job tomorrow and he chose that job specifically because he won't have to work on Sundays :) So pray that he gets this job!!!! He is so ready to be baptized. And he wants to so bad! 

We got 4 new really great investigators this week :) R-- & A-- who are friends. R-- actually grew up in SLC and recently moved here to Houston. So he knows lots about the church! We met them through the Longwood elders who have been working with them a little bit. 
Last night we had about 15 minutes until our appointment with W--, so we were walking around his apartments hoping to find someone to teach. Sister Loo was like, I have no idea where we need to go. I felt strongly about a certain building so we went over to the building and knocked on a door. We felt really uneasy about it so we left that door and was trying to figure out which one to knock next, and Sister Loo just started walking around the corner a certain direction and there was a door open with people inside so we started talking to them. One of the girls, L--, who is a YSA, came out and we taught her about the book of mormon and she wants to take the lessons and come to church!! She is coming to FHE tonight and we are so excited!! It was a really cool experience seeing how the lord worked through each of us as a companionship in leading us to a YSA who is ready to hear about the gospel. And once again it was in just a short 15 minutes that we had in between appointments! Every single minute is so SO important!! 
James found us a new investigator while knocking doors for his summer sales job. GOLDEN. let me tell you. He was at church yesterday and we are teaching him the first lesson tomorrow! He is just golden haha. Who has the best ward mission leader ever? We do :) 

We taught W-- the first lesson and he committed to be baptized on July 5! 

K-- came back from her Animae trip and we went over and taught her about tithing. She said that once she gets a job she will be willing to pay it. But the real issue there is her acutally getting a job haha. Her motivation level is pretty low. Who knows if she ever will even try to get one! Which means she won't be moving out of the bachelor pad any time soon... which means she won't be getting baptized haha. She has had all of the lessons now and says she wants to be baptized but she doesn't put the action in behind the desire! I don't really understand. Its been kinda frustrating for us so we have been thinking about dropping her and seeing if she makes any changes after that. Who knows!! she is a sweet girl with a ton of potential! but there is only so much we as missionaries can do sometimes! 

The best part about the entire week- The Baptism!!!!! We all wore green in honor of I-- cause its her favorite color :) The both of them had so much support and the spirit at their baptism was more powerful than any baptism I've been to before. It was seriously Christmas all over again! But better!! They were completely glowing. It was the cutest thing ever seeing how happy they are! I feel like a proud mom or something haha. You just can't really describe the feeling!! 

They are right on their way along with David to all go to do baptisms at the temple here real soon!! David and Kp are also working on getting the priesthood in a couple weeks too :) SO MUCH FUN!!!! They are all seriously the best. We have the best investigators in the world.

Coming up on the last week of the transfer! I can't even believe it! Where is all of this time going?! Its killin me!!!  We don't think anything will change so thats good :) We are just getting started! :) 
Its all because of y'alls support and encouragement to me :) I am so grateful for each one of you!! Always remember, "The Lord's way isn't the best way, it is the ONLY way" :) 
Lots of Love from Houston!

sister huber

Sister Loo's hair adventure!


the puppies :)

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