Monday, September 30, 2013

September 30, 2013


---'s baptism on saturday was SO AMAZING. seriously like couldnt have been better. We had a lot happen starting a few days before his baptism that made it beyond stressful. Satan has a way of creating problems before someone gets baptized and something happens every time! This time was just wayyyyy worse than any of the others. I actually got sick a couple days ago and still am trying to get better, and a member said that it has to be because of all of the stress that we were under hahaha. It was bad. BUUUUT the truth always prevails and everything always works out when the Lord is on your side! :) 
We had training/president interviews this week. we easily have the best mission president in the entire world. not even kidding he and sister pingree are probably the most amazing people ever. We had some training on 'a powerful first lesson'. All on how to make the restoration lesson way super great. President said that if we do our first lesson using that outline, our baptisms will double. Its gonna happen!!! 
We taught --- with sister ---, the RS president on thursday. That went reallyyyy well! She is coming to conference this weekend as well! This lady seriously like blows me away. She read the BOM in 2 WEEKS. yeah. insane. She always says "oh I know its true. I know Joseph smith is a prophet." she has all of the lds apps on her phone and ipad and everything! its crazy! like why is she not baptized?! It was the first time we have had to try and explain to an investigator why their previous baptism doesnt exactly count and they need to be baptized again under the priesthood authority. I was so nervous that we were going to offend her or something but the spirit knows how to do things like that and it couldnt have gone better! she said that she feels good about it and that she was going to pray about getting baptized. We feel really good about it :) 
We had 3 non members come with us to the RS broadcast on saturday!!! Hopefully we will start teaching them soon. They are these crazy funny black girls. One of them is in HS, and one of them is in her first year of college. The other is like 28? Anyways they are the ---'s neighbors and she said she is going to invite them and the parents to take the discussions! 
We got with the ward council yesterday and created a whole new ward mission plan and we are SO EXCITED ABOUT IT!! It is going to be so amazing and things are going to just keep happening! So basically if I get transferred out of this ward I am going to cry. hahaha. I love it so much. 
anywayyysss i love you all! Never forget the lord in every thing that you do!!!!
xoxo sister huber

Here is another email she sent me today as well.... good insight that was forwarded on to her from her trainer.

I want y'all to know that this struggle is real!!!! when people ask what the hardest part about a mission is, I honestly say it is feeling ugly ALL the time hahahaha. so when you see the pics of us sisters and how unattractive we look, just remember this great explanation to it all :) 

The Sparkle

Congratulations Sister. You have reached the memorable time in the mission of every cute sister when she experiences "the change." It typically happens around your first transfer, which can be pretty quick in the life of a fluent speaking missionary. The change can be seen in a number of ways - most often in the form of weight gain - but also in an indistinctive way that most sisters cannot pinpoint.

"I remember getting the first set of pictures back from being developed at the store and noticing a major difference in my looks. I couldn't quite put my finger on what was wrong with my face. I just looked different...."

"My companion described it as a loss of the feminine sparkle. That light in your eyes that attracts men to you. She said Heavenly Father took it away from me."

This is the best explanation I've heard yet. Sister, the Lord has taken from you your sparkle. That light in your eyers that attracts men to you. It's a very sad change. It causes depression in many sisters, because no amount of exercise, diet change or makeup can make it come back. But the sisters involved in developing this theory have thus far agreed that Heavenly Father must use this as a protection mechanism on your behalf. It keeps evil people from noticing you and normal people from being distracted.

"A seminary teacher once explained to me that feelings of love and feelings of the Spirit are very similar. They are often confused with one another. He taught us that the only way we can discern between them is to become proficient in understanding how the Spirit communicates to us individually. The more proficient we become, the less likely we are to confuse it with feeling of love."

Investigators are at the point in their spirituality where they are just beginning to understand how the Spirit speaks to them. They can confuse these warm fuzzy feelings with falling in love with an attractive sister. Talking away your feminine sparkle helps to eliminate this confusion.

As the change takes effect throughout your mission you may be alarmed to find yourself age. No, this is not the aging that is seen in visible wrinkles or sagging body parts, but again, the indistinctive way that you can just sense. It is a result of the months and months spent worrying an agonizing over those you have come to love through your service.

There is hope sisters!! Just as suddenly as the change develops, it disappears. Sometime, close to the end of your mission, with no conscious effort on our part, the sparkle is regained, the weight begins to drop and you feel like yourself again - only happier and wiser for the mission that you have chosen to fulfill. So, the choice is yours: fight it or forget it. Take it from those who've lived and learned. Fighting it is useless and ends up being more of a distraction than a help. Forget yourself and work. The Lord works in mysterious ways to bless us. Remember, "More happiness awaits you than you have ever experienced as you labor among His children."

Monday, September 23, 2013

September 23rd, 2013

HEY! :)

we spent the afternoon in the woodlands today. way way fun! 
some great news for the week! it stopped feeling like a sauna outside and is FINALLY starting to cool down a bit. thank goodness! the weather has been so perfect. 
also. --- IS GETTING BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY!! thats a miracle in itself right there hahaha. holy cow have we worked hard on this guy. I remember when we set the date with him like months ago, and its finally happening! He is living all of the commandments and is now at a place where he is ready. Its amazing though because I think it was back in July when we set the date with him, and for some weird reason september 28th felt right for everyone, and every little thing has come together right in time for that date. The Lord sure knows what He's doing! He wants sister lockhart and I to 'speak' at it. And I think by speaking he means giving the talks haha. It'll be a great day for sure :)
We had a missionary sacrament meeting yesterday in church. The bishop had sister walker and I talk, and had us teach the youth for the third hour all about missionary work. He said the past 2 years there haven't been any baptisms in the ward, and just in the past 7 months or so there have been 4. and they just keep coming! I like to say its because sister missionaries are the best, buuuut we all know its really because the Lord is blessing this area :) He knew the people here are ready! but sister missionaries really are the best ;) our mission is now 45% sisters. and I heard that it is 51% now like everywhere. how cool is that?! anywayssss
We taught --- this week. She fell at work and was in a lot of pain so we had some men in the ward come and give her a priesthood blessing. such a neat experience! the spirit was crazy strong, and after the blessing we were talking and everything and she just kept saying how much better she felt already!  I think it was a huge step in her progression. --- came along too with one of the members and he was sharing his testimony to her about the book of mormon and I was like dang! He is like a missionary himself! not even baptized yet! I thought that was super cool. We are going by her house again this week to visit with the relief society president. 
I got talked into teaching district meeting this week. Our district leader has been trying to get me to like since I got here. hahaha no one else has gotten roped into it so I guess I was the lucky one! It was on being worthy of the spirit learning to recognize it. It was the first time where I have been teaching and I can honestly say that the whole time was just speaking by the spirit. usually I have something in mind and notes to go off of and everything, but this time was totally just by the spirit and I know that what was coming out of my mouth wasnt me haha. It was all Him. It was good because I can see the improvement in myself. And I think I am getting less awkward so thats good too hahaha. We can hope I guess :) 
everyone else is doing great as well! we taught a ton of lessons this week and things were just happening. Livin the missionary life! got another great week ahead!
xoxo sister huber

Their baptism guy coming up wanted a lesson on the trampoline.

Monday, September 16, 2013

September 16th, 2013

such a great week!! ahh!!!! so great :) we started teaching ---, a 18 year old girl. she is just soaking it all in its crazy. her mom was talking to us and said that she met with the missionaries a while ago and read the whole book of mormon and that she loves it more than the bible. so i dont really know why the mom isnt baptized yet! haha they are so prepared its amazizng. we had exchanges this week. and guess who came and spent the day here?! SISTER LOCKHART
her new comp is the sister training leader for our zone, and usually she goes on exchanges with all of the sisters who are training, but since we went together last transfer she made a special little exception for us and went with sister walker and sister lockhart and I got to spend the day together. that was way fun :) we taught early morning seminary so that was an experience! got up at 4:30 that morning. and we actually didnt go to sleep til 1:30 the night before cause we were catching up with each other and just kept talking all night haha. sooooo we were a little tired but whats new! I also almost got killed by a pitbull. not even kidding. charged at me and almost bit my face off. have i mentioned i HATE DOGS now? easily the scariest moment of my entire life. I was literally praying out loud. but dont worry Im alive!
we started teaching ---, ---'s brother this week. he was the biggest punk I have ever met in my life, but he randomly came up to us and said that he wants a change in his life and asked if we would come and teach him! so that was kinda crazy but way cool! we will see how it goes! we actually taught like wayyyy more lessons this week than we ever have. so that is a good thing! things just keep getting better and better! we spent the day with sister sevy and her daughter in law kristy. probably my favorite people ever. kristy dyed my hair blonde so that is something new. hahaha. things here are just so great! we made a new ward mission plan last night at ward correllation and I am SOOOO EXCITED about it. we have so many new great plans and ideas and I seriously just cant wait to get them going! being a missionary is the greatest thing in the entire world. I know I say that all the time. but its so true :)
i love you all!!!!!!!! have a great week!!!
xoxo sister huber

Sister Huber and Sister Walker

Sister Lockhart and Sister Huber

Monday, September 9, 2013

September 9th, 2013

Lots happening here in H town!

-- got BAPTIZED!!!! best day ever. like half the stake was there it was crazy. we had to have the talks and all that in the chapel and then everyone had to crowd in the RS room to watch the baptism cause not everyone could fit in there! 10 years of being a dry mormon and the day finally came! even just in the 3 months of us teaching him it is crazy to see how far he has come. such an amazing little family :) 
we had to hand -- over to the assistants to teach. things were getting a little awkward and lets just say its best if sisters get out of the equation and that elders teach him. hahaha.
We have been working with ---, who is an excommunicated member. when I first got here she said to not even mention the dicussions to her cause she wasnt gonna take them. so it was more of a visiting teaching type thing with her. buuuut. the other day she looked at us and said that she wants to start the lessons!!!!! she feels like she is ready to get going and start doing the things she needs to do to be baptized again. love that girl
we are starting to teach ---, who is a 10 year old girl. her parents were converted years ago and went inactive. we have been working with them and now we are getting their kids involved and hopefully get them baptized here pretty soon! 
we found 2 new investigators this week. surprisingly both from tracting. and they both seem pretty promising. one of them is an 18 year old girl named --- who is a single mom. she lives with her parents who acutally have met with missionaries before. they all seem really interested so we will see what happens there! 
the work is really moving forward here! the lord just keeps blessing us!
i love you all! hugs to utah! :)

xoxo sister huber 

Monday, September 2, 2013

September 2nd, 2013

well hey there! I have zero time this week. its been way crazy. IM TRAINING. yeah what? crazy. I feel like I just got here. sister lockhart got transferred to magnolia. she is actually still in the same zone so we are happy about that! sister walker my new comp is from billings montana. just turned 19 like 2 weeks ago haha. super cute. I love the new missionary energy she brings.
--- baptism is this week! SO EXCITING!!!! we also set a date with --- this week! september 28th! YAY!!! haha theres gonna be a triple baptism that day! we are just seeing so so sooo many miracles its crazy! mission life is THE BEST! 
I have learned a lot about myself this week. I have learned that a mission hasnt changed my personality, but it definitely has changed my character. Christ never changed the way that he was, although he grew in every aspect. His style was always the same, loving, kind, patient, and much much more. He never got angry or insulted anyone. And I have noticed that as you strive to be like Him and look to Him as a role model, you don't have to change who you are. You are just improving yourself. And that is very important :)
love and miss you all so much! keep the faith!
xoxo sister huber

Sister Huber and Sister Walker