Monday, September 9, 2013

September 9th, 2013

Lots happening here in H town!

-- got BAPTIZED!!!! best day ever. like half the stake was there it was crazy. we had to have the talks and all that in the chapel and then everyone had to crowd in the RS room to watch the baptism cause not everyone could fit in there! 10 years of being a dry mormon and the day finally came! even just in the 3 months of us teaching him it is crazy to see how far he has come. such an amazing little family :) 
we had to hand -- over to the assistants to teach. things were getting a little awkward and lets just say its best if sisters get out of the equation and that elders teach him. hahaha.
We have been working with ---, who is an excommunicated member. when I first got here she said to not even mention the dicussions to her cause she wasnt gonna take them. so it was more of a visiting teaching type thing with her. buuuut. the other day she looked at us and said that she wants to start the lessons!!!!! she feels like she is ready to get going and start doing the things she needs to do to be baptized again. love that girl
we are starting to teach ---, who is a 10 year old girl. her parents were converted years ago and went inactive. we have been working with them and now we are getting their kids involved and hopefully get them baptized here pretty soon! 
we found 2 new investigators this week. surprisingly both from tracting. and they both seem pretty promising. one of them is an 18 year old girl named --- who is a single mom. she lives with her parents who acutally have met with missionaries before. they all seem really interested so we will see what happens there! 
the work is really moving forward here! the lord just keeps blessing us!
i love you all! hugs to utah! :)

xoxo sister huber 

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