Monday, September 23, 2013

September 23rd, 2013

HEY! :)

we spent the afternoon in the woodlands today. way way fun! 
some great news for the week! it stopped feeling like a sauna outside and is FINALLY starting to cool down a bit. thank goodness! the weather has been so perfect. 
also. --- IS GETTING BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY!! thats a miracle in itself right there hahaha. holy cow have we worked hard on this guy. I remember when we set the date with him like months ago, and its finally happening! He is living all of the commandments and is now at a place where he is ready. Its amazing though because I think it was back in July when we set the date with him, and for some weird reason september 28th felt right for everyone, and every little thing has come together right in time for that date. The Lord sure knows what He's doing! He wants sister lockhart and I to 'speak' at it. And I think by speaking he means giving the talks haha. It'll be a great day for sure :)
We had a missionary sacrament meeting yesterday in church. The bishop had sister walker and I talk, and had us teach the youth for the third hour all about missionary work. He said the past 2 years there haven't been any baptisms in the ward, and just in the past 7 months or so there have been 4. and they just keep coming! I like to say its because sister missionaries are the best, buuuut we all know its really because the Lord is blessing this area :) He knew the people here are ready! but sister missionaries really are the best ;) our mission is now 45% sisters. and I heard that it is 51% now like everywhere. how cool is that?! anywayssss
We taught --- this week. She fell at work and was in a lot of pain so we had some men in the ward come and give her a priesthood blessing. such a neat experience! the spirit was crazy strong, and after the blessing we were talking and everything and she just kept saying how much better she felt already!  I think it was a huge step in her progression. --- came along too with one of the members and he was sharing his testimony to her about the book of mormon and I was like dang! He is like a missionary himself! not even baptized yet! I thought that was super cool. We are going by her house again this week to visit with the relief society president. 
I got talked into teaching district meeting this week. Our district leader has been trying to get me to like since I got here. hahaha no one else has gotten roped into it so I guess I was the lucky one! It was on being worthy of the spirit learning to recognize it. It was the first time where I have been teaching and I can honestly say that the whole time was just speaking by the spirit. usually I have something in mind and notes to go off of and everything, but this time was totally just by the spirit and I know that what was coming out of my mouth wasnt me haha. It was all Him. It was good because I can see the improvement in myself. And I think I am getting less awkward so thats good too hahaha. We can hope I guess :) 
everyone else is doing great as well! we taught a ton of lessons this week and things were just happening. Livin the missionary life! got another great week ahead!
xoxo sister huber

Their baptism guy coming up wanted a lesson on the trampoline.

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