Monday, September 16, 2013

September 16th, 2013

such a great week!! ahh!!!! so great :) we started teaching ---, a 18 year old girl. she is just soaking it all in its crazy. her mom was talking to us and said that she met with the missionaries a while ago and read the whole book of mormon and that she loves it more than the bible. so i dont really know why the mom isnt baptized yet! haha they are so prepared its amazizng. we had exchanges this week. and guess who came and spent the day here?! SISTER LOCKHART
her new comp is the sister training leader for our zone, and usually she goes on exchanges with all of the sisters who are training, but since we went together last transfer she made a special little exception for us and went with sister walker and sister lockhart and I got to spend the day together. that was way fun :) we taught early morning seminary so that was an experience! got up at 4:30 that morning. and we actually didnt go to sleep til 1:30 the night before cause we were catching up with each other and just kept talking all night haha. sooooo we were a little tired but whats new! I also almost got killed by a pitbull. not even kidding. charged at me and almost bit my face off. have i mentioned i HATE DOGS now? easily the scariest moment of my entire life. I was literally praying out loud. but dont worry Im alive!
we started teaching ---, ---'s brother this week. he was the biggest punk I have ever met in my life, but he randomly came up to us and said that he wants a change in his life and asked if we would come and teach him! so that was kinda crazy but way cool! we will see how it goes! we actually taught like wayyyy more lessons this week than we ever have. so that is a good thing! things just keep getting better and better! we spent the day with sister sevy and her daughter in law kristy. probably my favorite people ever. kristy dyed my hair blonde so that is something new. hahaha. things here are just so great! we made a new ward mission plan last night at ward correllation and I am SOOOO EXCITED about it. we have so many new great plans and ideas and I seriously just cant wait to get them going! being a missionary is the greatest thing in the entire world. I know I say that all the time. but its so true :)
i love you all!!!!!!!! have a great week!!!
xoxo sister huber

Sister Huber and Sister Walker

Sister Lockhart and Sister Huber

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