Monday, September 1, 2014

September 1st, 2014

Soooo my dear sister loo hoo is getting transferred :( we're both really sad and don't want new companions! But it was definitely time. There's been too much smooth sailin around here :) She's freaking out about having to go to a family ward haha. Whenever we go on exchanges in family wards its always so weird for us! I'm actually really glad though that I don't have to go back to that because I'm pretty sure I would go crazy! A young family came to listen to a talk in the YSA ward yesterday and hearing their crying child really threw me off. There's nothing I love more than a silent sacrament meeting :) 

Our GREAT news for the week- M... set a baptism date for himself! October 10th :) We had a really good lesson with him this week, and at the end he said the most amazing prayer I think I have EVER heard anyone give. The progress he's made is still mind blowing to us. 

We've randomly had tons of progress with some past investigators that we've dropped. I guess thats the key to getting them! N... came to institute on tuesday and loved it! She says she wants to come every week! She made some good friends there as well which is good for her :) B... out of nowhere came to church yesterday!! We haven't even talked to him in forever! It was even his birthday :) How crazy is that?! And we met with a few others as well that we had pretty much given up on, but now they wanna come back :) Miracles!!! 
And we even got some new guys to teach. I'll tell y'all about E.... E... came up to us while we were at a park teaching M.... He had a mug full of something alcoholic and was a little bit tipsy... He started taking matters into his own hands and decided that he wanted to lead the discussion himself haha. But then stopped and goes "Oh, is this his session?! (pointing at miguel) I'm sorry I'm sorry. Can I have a session? Life is just so great. its a beautiful day, I'm here with some beautiful ladies, talking about our beautiful lord and savior. What could be better than that?!" 
I'm glad most of my comps have been from outside of utah and know how to deal with drunk people because I just sit there and have no idea what to do haha. Its like a whole new world to me. Houston has taught me way more than just the gospel :) 
The good news is, E... was sober when he came to church yesterday. He actually came to church yesterday!! We've got our work cut out for us but it'll be good!

I'm so excited about this next transfer and I know that there is lots in store! 

Love you all TONS!!!

xoxo sister huber 

ps- its not allowed to send sister huber any more junk to eat! sister loo and I are having a diet competition from now til I go home :) Its been a problem having 2 poly comps in a row haha. I'm gonna need all the help I can get! #fatsistermissionaryprobs

** I got a wonderful letter from her Bishop in the YSA ward this morning and I am posting it here:

Hi Sister Horne.  It has been our fortune to have your daughter serving for a few months in our YSA ward as one of our full time missionaries.  Together with Sister Loo, 8 people have been baptized.

They are the best missionaries I have ever seen.  They are kind, thoughtful and hard working.  We have taken them a few times to Pappasitos, the best TexMex in the world, so they can enjoy fajitas.

More importantly, your daughter is an incredible person, a great reflection of her parents!  She has a wonderful glow and a sweet innocence.  She has touched our lives as well as the investigators she has befriended.

My wife and I know the sacrifice that missionaries make, along with their families.  Thank you for raising such a wonderful daughter, and for sharing her.  She has touched and will touch even more people on her mission.  She will come home having served well and helping her fellow man.  She will be more prepared for the future and the wonderful wife and mother she will be.

Thank you for your sacrifice that has been our great fortune!  :)

Best regards,
Bishop Rick Wallace

My transportation for the day :)

Beautiful Sunday evening

Top Golf with the crew!

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