Monday, September 22, 2014

September 22nd, 2014

Hey Everyone!!!

I don't think its possible for life to be as great as it is right now! Like for real. This girl is on cloud 9. And I don't even know why! Heavenly Father is TOO good to us here :) So many blessings each and every day!

President has asked us to only be on the computers for an hour now, so these emails may be getting shorter and shorter! I will do my best though :) 

AMAZING week here in H-town :)
E... set a baptism date! October 11th :) We are so excited for her!! She bore her testimony to us on Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. That girl is amazing. She has been having a lot of opposition, and her family is not pleased one bit. But she knows that its true and she isn't letting anything get in her way! I'm always so amazed at the strength of these people! 
We got 4 new investigators this week that we are really excited about! They all seem really solid :) 
T...- who we met in a parking lot back when sister loo was here. He took us to lunch this week and besides the fact it felt like a double date, it was great!
A...- the silver pines sisters tracted into him and he has been coming to the singles ward and to FHE! He says he has a list of questions for us for our next visit. We're feeling the anti vibe- but he wants to know the truth so thats a good sign! He's the nicest guy you'll ever meet. 
C...- We met him on campus and talked to him and his friend about family history. Sister myers and another sister did family history with him this week when I was on exchanges. Family history is really doing us well here! Who woulda guessed?!
X...- Tracted into him. A little flirtatious. May be meeting with us with no real interest in the gospel! Still trying to figure this guy out haha. The struggle is real sometimes! We drop tons of investigators because of this issue. Pray that president will put elders in our ward haha

A..., one of my old investigators from the woodlands moved down to our area in Katy!! We were able to meet with her this week which was so fun! 

We had stake conference yesterday, and Isaaclyn spoke at it! We had no idea because she didn't even tell us! So she just got up there and gave an amazing talk that just blew everyone away. That girl has only been baptized for 3 months and you would have thought she was a member her whole life. My recent converts are showing me up and its kinda embarrassing! President and Sister Mortensen spoke at is as well, and also the temple president and his wife. It was definitely a highlight of the week! 
Last night was the first Mission President's Fireside. President is doing them each month, every time in a different stake. He started here in the cypress stake, and there were over 300 people that came! Its an opportunity for missionaries and members to invite investigators/their non member friends & family. There was a missionary choir, musical numbers, recent convert testimonies, and a message from the mortensens. It was such an amazing experience! I think it got half of us all crying. There were definitely spirits from the other side in that room and we could feel their presence very strongly! Sister Chappell was talking to us missionaries before it started, and she said that she got a strong impression that our kids were all looking down on us and that they were there with us at that time. I don't think I would have traded that moment for the world! 
This work is true! Its the most amazing work anyone could ever be doing :) 
This gospel changes us and it should continue to change us every single day! As we receive more light into our lives, our smiles become bigger and we become happier :) Let it change you!!

Lots to look forward to this week! Not to mention we get to go see MEET THE MORMONS as a mission this week! SO stoked. 

Love you all so much!

sister huber 

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