Monday, October 20, 2014

October 13th, 2014

In the ward, but not of the ward

Yesterday we had a really good lesson in Relief Society on being in the world but not of the world. As missionaries we obviously are pretty protected from being 'of the world', and it really helped me to realize how amazing we really do have it! So sister Myers and I decided to apply the lesson to ourselves in a different way and this is what we came up with- In the ward, but not of the ward :) Let me tell ya, the struggle is real! Its really hard sometimes! There's a very fine line being in a singles ward with being unified with them, and being a little too unprofessional with them haha. So we now have a little friendly reminder that we aren't one of them and its not okay to just go hang out with them cause we want to :)
As I realized how protected we are from the world as missionaries, it made me think of the way I want to live my life when I come home and am thrown back into the 'real world'. I know that satan is going to work hard on me because I can feel it already! So I am making the decision now to not break the habits that are so easy to break when missionaries return home. I have learned that it truly is all about the basics! I think we sometimes think its more difficult than that, and we try to complicate everything- when really the simple daily tasks are the most important and actually vital to who we are and will become! Daily prayer & scripture study, weekly partaking of the sacrament, and going to the temple as often as we can are the things that are going to protect us from this world. Make these a priorty in your lives! Its what makes all the difference. I love this quote from Joseph Fielding Smith:
"A member of the Church once said that he could not quite understand when he paid his tithing and kept the Word of Wisdom, was prayerful, and tried to be obedient to all the commandments the Lord had given him, and yet he had to struggle to make a living; while his neighbor violated the Sabbath day, I suppose he smoked and drank; he had what the world would call a good time, he paid no attention to the teachings of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and yet he prospered.
You know, we have a great many members of the Church that ponder that over in their hearts and wonder why. Why this man seems to be blessed with all the good things of the earth—incidentally, many of the bad things that he thinks are good—and yet so many members of the Church are struggling, laboring diligently to try to make their way through the world.
The answer is a simple thing. If I sometimes, and once in a while I do, go to a football game or a baseball game or some other place of amusement, invariably I will be surrounded by men and women who are puffing on cigarets or cigars or dirty pipes. It gets very annoying, and I get a little disturbed. I will turn to Sister Smith, and I will say something to her, and she will say, “Well, now, you know what you have taught me. You are in their world. This is their world.” And that sort of brings me back to my senses. Yes, we are in their world, but we do not have to be of it.
So, as this is their world we are living in, they prosper, but, my good brethren and sisters, their world is coming to its end. …
The day will come when we will not have this world. It will be changed. We will get a better world. We will get one that is righteous, because when Christ comes, he will cleanse the earth."

A miracle happened and Ericka got baptized!! We met with her on Thursday and Friday, and she just didn't seem to be herself. We knew something was wrong and she opened up to us & told us about all of the opposition she was getting from her family. She was really struggling with it, but still wanted to go through with her baptism! So then on Saturday morning, the day of her baptism, she sent us a text saying that she couldn't go through with it anymore. Sister Myers and I were out contacting and we both just froze. Then kinda started freaking out a little bit and had no idea what to do! So we called our ward mission leader, James, and asked him what we should do. Let me tell you a little about James- that man has more faith than anyone I know. I admire that so much about him. Anyone he meets, he just assumes that they want to hear about the gospel and get baptized. And most of them actually do! So we were telling him all that was going on, and not even for one second did he think that she actually wouldn't get baptized. He told us that we needed to go talk to her and reassure her of her decision, and before we hung up the phone he was like, "alright well I'll see y'all tonight at the baptism!". If that's not some serious faith then I dont know what is! I knew we needed to stop doubting and have that same mentality as he did. So we went by Ericka's work and she came over and started talking to us, and told us that her family said that they would pretty much disown her if she got baptized. She just couldn't take it anymore so she gave up. Just the day before I had read a speech by Elder Holland called 'Cast Not Away Therefore Your Confidence' which talks all about the opposition and doubt that satan throws at us when making important decisions. We were able to share part of that talk with her, and help her to remember why she made the decision to be baptized and the spirit was able to testify to her of the love her HF has for her. She was just crying and told us that she knew this is what she needed to do and was instantly her happy self again! Her baptism was absolutely amazing. She came up out of the water & of course threw up the peace sign haha. She said she felt so clean and like a whole new person! After she was confirmed yesterday in sacrament meeting, she turned to everyone and said "It's official yall!" There's Ericka for ya :) Heavenly Father is already blessing her so much for her faith & diligence. Her families hearts already seem to be softened and things are better than they were before! She has an even brighter light about her, and she is setting that example for them and for those all around her! We are just so proud of her. She is way stronger than I could ever be!
I love yall so much, and I am especially grateful this week for my amazing family & friends who support me and are always there for me. Its something I have taken for granted way too much! I am such a lucky girl!
Hope yall have a great week!

xoxo sister huber

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