Monday, March 17, 2014

March 17th, 2014

Hey hey!! Another crazy week down and transfers are here AGAIN! I can't even believe how fast they are going. Every transfer gets faster and faster and it needs to stop! BIshop was real worried about his missionaries leaving so he called president pingree this week and told him that he needs me and sister ae to stay here because things are seriously HAPPENING!! So I'm prettyyy sure we are gonna stay together again :) He looked at us when he got off the phone and was like Well girls, all I'm gonna say is roll up your sleeves and keep workin! haha. We have the best bishop in the world to work with. 
After a rough little bit, we were blessed with an amazing week this week! I really believe it is because we kept pushing and didn't ever give up even when it felt like most of our efforts were doing absolutely nothing. I think we are always being tested with faith and patience! Its the only way we can progress! 
We are teaching a girl named --- and taught her the 3rd lesson this past week. She was a referral from the Conroe sisters who met her while doing service at the food bank up there. This girl is one of the most prepared people ever! When we were teaching about baptism and the holy ghost, she was saying how she was baptized when she was a baby and she doesn't remember it and how much she wants to be baptized again so that she can understand and remember the promises she is making to our heavenly father. She reads all of the assignments we give her in the book of mormon and comes back with really good questions and comments about it. She hasn't been coming to church because she is scared and didn't want to do something like that by herself, but once we told her we would be with her the whole time she was totally excited about it! The date set right now for her baptism is april 19th! 
We set another baptism date yesterday with ---! Her whole outlook and attitude has changed from when we first met her and was working with her, and she has been a lot more serious about it. She received a really amazing answer about the truth of the book of mormon and this gospel that really helped her testimony become more firm! There are a few things that need to be worked out before she gets baptized, so the date we set with her is for may 3rd! We all felt strongly that this is when she will be ready, and she couldn't be more excited! We are going over all of the lessons with her again, and this time her parents will be there as well :) 
We got into another less active's home this week that we haven't been able to see in almost 2 months now! I don't know what changed, but she was so much more open than the other times we met with her, and she completely expressed to us her desire to come back to church! She was one who would always make excuses and wouldn't ever try to get work off or anything. She made sure that she got next sunday off and said that she would be there! She is definitely making changes in her life to help her come closer to the savior and its always so amazing to see the hearts of these people being softened! I remember when we very first got to this area, bishop said that the day he sees her at church, will be the best day of his life haha. 
We are like way beyond excited about all of the AMAZING miracles that the lord is bringing to this ward! I can't even think of anything more rewarding than being able to watch these people grow and change through their conversion in this gospel. Its definitely been a week full of blessings and it's only going to get better! 
LOTS of love from your woodlands sisters <3 


Our Friends from the South side!  Our mission is definitely better than theirs ;)

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