Sunday, March 2, 2014

February 24th, 2014


Another crazy week down! These girls took a turn for the better and things are definitely happenin here! We spent almost all week during our companion studies reading talks about consecration and really evaluating what more we can do to become better and its amazing the blessings that we have already seen by making those little changes that might be holding us back!
As a zone we have been keeping track and reporting our ITL's (invitations to learn) because obviously the more people we talk to and the more people we invite the more success we will have! We didn't really realize how awful we have been at it. Its kind of embarrassing actually! The goal is 35 per day and right now that's what we are at per week. Haha. So we put our pride aside and started knocking doors again! what what! I have to say some of our best stories are tracting stories so it makes for some good fun :) Plus if anything, it shows the lord that we are putting the effort in and He will bless us in other ways! We have already gotten 3 new referrals since then!

President Pingree came to our district meeting on Friday and oh my goodness we probably had one of the most spiritual experiences we have in a longgg time. We were doing our practice teach with some other sisters and president came over and sat in on it and was teaching with us and we felt that we needed to practice teaching ---. We have been working with her for forever but she just is really struggling with making commitments and acting on what we have been sharing with her. We are on a really good friend level but we need to get out of that whole best friend thing and buckle down on the whole conversion thing. So we went through and taught the whole first lesson, which was the most inspired lesson I have probably ever taught. Afterwards we were evaluating and they were telling us their thoughts and impressions on what they think might be holding --- back, which was totally inspired because they have never met this girl but what they said what exactly what makes sense as to why she is so hesitant. President made some really inspired comments as well. Its amazing how strong the spirit was there and was working through all of us to help us to know what exactly she needs! I have never really gotten that much out of a practice teach before cause we usually are all just doing it because we know we have to but those things are real! Sister Ae afterwards was totally joking with president and was like "so you are coming with us to our appointment with her on Tuesday right?" And he pauses for a sec and was like "Can I please? Tell me what time and I will be there! I really want to come teach her now!" hahaha I don't think he takes those things as a joke because now we have him teaching her with us tomorrow! Talk about intimidating! We are really excited though and really feel that it is going to be a turning point in her conversion! We are praying for some serious miracles this week :)
The Lord is definitely there and is mindful of ALL of His children! It always is so amazing to me that He works those miracles through us as His servants and how much it changes us! He is no doubt my best friend!
I love you allll and hope you have a great week :):)
xoxo sister huber

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