Monday, March 10, 2014

March 10th, 2014

HEY! so we are emailing kinda early today cause we got permission from president to go downtown to reliant stadium with one of our members to the RODEO! Its absolutely hugeee here so we're pretty excited :)
not too great of a week this week but I learned pretty quickly that a mission is full of amazing weeks and some not so amazing weeks even when you are working your absolute hardest! And I'm okay with that! I went on an exchange up to montgomery this week which was SO fun. Its like complete opposite from the woodlands. Its all country up there and the people are so great :) I was pretty excited to go back to working in the trailer parks haha. their bishop told me that he's gonna put in a request for me to go up there next ;)  Me and sister ae were talking though this week about serving in the woodlands and how its the wealthiest area in the mission and how our district is one of the lowest baptizing districts in the mission cause we cover all of the wards here in the woodlands and how difficult that can be sometimes. I actually went from my last area which was in the highest baptizing zone and district in the mission to the lowest. haha. funny how that works sometimes. But we were talking about how much we love it here and wouldn't change it for anything! Its definitely hard. Harder than I ever expected it to be. But we know we are here for a reason :) I love it here because it has helped me to grow and to strengthen myself as a missionary. It has taught me so many lessons that I have needed to learn, that I don't think I would have ever learned in my last area. Its all about working hard, having faith in christ, and following the spirit in everything it tells you to do. I wouldn't say we have had tons and tons of "success" here, but we feel successful here because we know at the end of each day that we did exactly everything that the lord expected of us and everything is according to His will. And this is His will right now! Its His work not ours! I have worked harder here than I ever have in my whole life. Its a really amazing feeling :) And I absolutely love it!! 
We were able to do more family history this week with the coffee ladies! They were getting super into it which was fun to be able to help them :) we are gonna be working with them every week now! One of the ladies has met with missionaries before and has been taught the lessons so we are working on hopefuly getting those started up again with her and her family! 
--- talked to bishop this week and said that after our visit with her, she has been praying about having her daughter be baptized. So prayers are with them this week!!!! We are reallyy praying that she will finally take that step with her. Cause she is so ready!
--- went out of town for a couple of weeks for spring break but her parents have said that they are wanting to come back to church when they get back, and --- will hopefully be ready to set another baptism date! She is in moroni already in the book of mormon and is soaking it all in! She is probably our most progressing investigator right now. 
We reactivated another family in the ward, and they met with bishop and are preparing to go through the temple next month!!! how exciting is that?! This is what missionary work is all about!!!
There's a quote in pmg that says the key to missionary work, is work. It really is that simple! Work hard, and by the spirit, and miracles happen!!! No matter how big or small they may seem, miracles are happening every single day :) The lord is guiding every single step!
I love you sooo so much and hope you have another great week!! lots of love from the woodlands! <3 
sister huber

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