Monday, July 29, 2013

July 29th, 2013

So first things first here. -- IS GETTING BAPTIZED!!!!! he said YES (usually its maybe, or not right now but the time is coming) and we committed him to pray about a date with his wife and they are going to give us a date on wednesday! The Lord really is working so many miracles here. 
-- came to church yesterday, he is the 15 year old boy from the -- family that we are teaching. He wants to get a tour of the church and walk around the temple this week. He is seriously just soaking it all in its crazy. -- read the BOM in a week. She has a solid testimony of joseph smith, and said she is going to make it to church this week. her work schedule is hard, but the lord always provides a way! 
other than that, all of our other investigators are doing well and still progressing! 
We went to sushi the other night with one of our part member families. Oh my, I almost died hahaha. Quite the experience. I dont know how, but he got us to eat eel, and then since that wasnt enough, he pulled out the octopus. oh man haha its a miracle in itself that I got it all down. 
Missions are so great! Its so true that when you put 110% in it all the time and love everyone, its impossible to not just LOVE your mission. Seriously, lose yourself in serving others, and you will truly know what happiness is. You will notice a huge change in your life the second you start focusing on others and forgetting about yourself. 
I love you all!! And Jaden, I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!!! Detroit doesn't know whats about to hit them! You will NEVER regret the decision to go on a mission. The best 2 years of your life are right ahead of you!!! Lose yourself in the work, and you will be amazed what can happen! 
Everyone have a great week! LOVE YOU!!! 
sister huber 

Sister Lockhart and Sister Huber

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