Monday, August 5, 2013

August 5th, 2013

okay so seriously like, the best week EVER. the Lord is giving us so many miracles!!
-- set a date! He is getting baptized on september 7th :) We taught him the 4th lesson in the temple waiting room, which was SO neat. He was so prepared by the lord. Like -- is your ideal investigator hahaha. His wife is unbelieveably happy. she has been waiting for this for years now. It is so amazing to see this little family grow in the gospel.
But thats not all. We didn't just have one baptismal date this week... but 2!!!!
-- set a date for the 28th of spetember. Im not sure if I have ever talked about him before. He is a big scary black guy. And when I say scary, I mean scary. hahahaha the first time we met with him I was scared for my life. He has met with the missionaries for years now. His mom is a member. He is in his early 20's. He has had such a desire to be baptized, but he has a chastity issue. And he has never been willing to do anything about it. He has a few kids. And his girlfriend is living in the house. We explained to him what needs to happen if he wants to be baptized, and he told us that she is moving out before next month, and he is going to do whatever it takes to be baptized. So the date is set!
-- told us that he has baptism as a goal. There isn't a date, but he is reading the BOM and coming to church. He seriously just soaks everything in and loves it. He just feels a lot of pressure to be perfect after reading the for strength of youth pamphlet. But he is comin right along!
We doubled our investigators this week. Which is so crazy. We have about 6 progressing, and a few who are kinda stuck. But we will get them there!
We had zone conference this week! Super good as always. Sister Williams was there!!! we about died when we saw each other hahaha. we are set on being comps for our last transfer out here. so everyone pray hard! Also, sister lockhart and I need lots of prayers so that we dont get transferred!! This area has improved so so much and we have to stay. we have to haha. The lord is just pouring his blessings on all these people! being a missionary is the greatest thing in the entire world. its amazing the love that you get for the people in your area. its something you cant even explain really. If I could stay here my whole mission I would. But I know thats not how it works haha.
I love you all!! Hope everyone is doing great!
sister huber

Zone Conference Picture... only one with Sister Huber from the conference on the Mission Website!

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