Monday, August 12, 2013

August 12th, 2013

hows everything in UT?! I cant believe that summer is almost over and everyone is starting school again! time flies by its so crazy.
another great week in good old spring texas! we had 4 investigators at church yesterday which we were really excited about! also the -- came to church!!!! they havent gone in years, and we have been visiting them each week and committed them to come! it was so exciting!
we had exchanges this week which was super fun. But its always so great when sister lockhart and I are reunited again hahaha. in each of our comp prayers we pray that we will stay together until christmas. we will see if thats what the lord has in store hahaha. 
-- is still doing so great! we finished all of the discussions and he is ready to go! he only struggled with one thing, which is his sweet tea hahaha. but we got past that and all is great! september 7th is the big day!
--. oh man. He has got some serious sass goin on hahaha. he calls me the blonde haired blue eyed girl. which is awkward cause I dont even have blonde hair. and whenever he talks super fast and I cant understand him he goes, oh I forgot I have to talk 'white' to you hahahaha. He thinks we are too proper. he is from the hood if that explains anything. We taught him a lesson on repentance yesterday. he is still on for his baptism next month. we just have a lot more to discuss with him before then! we got a big samoan member from the ward to help us with all of the lessons. -- likes to look down upon the 2 little white girls so we got some help and now things are real great! 
We had some other great lessons with --, --, -- and -- as well. still all progressing pretty gooood. The ward has been getting so involved and so excited about missionary work. Things have really picked up in this ward and everyone is just so excited about it! 
its temple week this week so that is exciting!!! we are excited to see this new video that everyone keeps telling us about! It is such a blessing that we have the houston temple just 15 minutes down the street from us. I love it so much :) 
It sounds like everyone is doing good :) Dont forget the Lord in anything that you do! that is when life gets just about perfect! I LOVE YOU ALL :) 
love sister huber 

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