Monday, August 26, 2013

August 26th, 2013

welllll things here are just super great! -- is... well -- is --. same attitude but you gotta love him haha. he is great. cant wait for the big day! & -- is soooo great! so his parents are like way devout lutheran. and he grew up lutheran of course. so he went to san antonio last week to tell them he was getting baptized and his dad was supportive which was way surprising to him, and they said they were gonna come to the baptism. so a couple days ago -- called them to tell them when exactly it was and they said that they arent coming anymore cause they dont feel comfortable with it and they are disappointed in him. so he was obviously way down about that and he asked if we would come over so we did and we tried to cheer him up about it and he just kept saying how happy and excited he still is and he and -- kept talking about their plans for next year when they are gonna go and get sealed and it was just so amazing to see their happiness even though things are rough with his family. even at church yesterday he was just like I cant stop smiling im so happy! his testimony has grown soooo so so much. he always has to remind me that since I am converting him to the church that he is converting me to A&M hahaha.
I dont know why its such a struggle for me to think about what to even write you all. I can barely remember what happened this morning let alone the whole past week haha. so we have 3 baptisms coming up this month! crossing my fingers I get to stay! a lot of investigators who we are still in the process. but they will get there I know they will! The ward is crazy excited about all of the work going on. They havent seen so much success in years and so they are all jumping in and helping with the discussions and are being so welcoming to all of the people and they are just all so pumped about it all. The bishop called like 6 new ward missionaries yesterday which is huge! the work is just goin and its so fun.
xoxo sister huber

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