Monday, August 19, 2013

August 19th, 2013

sorry the emails are getting shorter mom. hahaha. its funny cause wherever we go I have this sense of urgency like we have to hurry and move on to the next place. its go go go all week and we have all these appointments we have to stick to a pretty tight schedule, so on pdays when we go out and do stuff or go out with a member and dont have some place to be, it stresses me out. so I probably just have gotten that way with writing you all and I feel like I have to go so fast and not take my sweet time haha.
it was temple week this week! a little sad cause we didnt get to see the new video. we have the ASL elders in our zone, and they dont have the translations done for it yet so we still saw the old one. but it was still great of course! always a good uplifting day!
I scored some huge points with -- this week. We went over there to teach him and he had the texans game on and we had a good 20 minute conversation about football hahaha. so I have to say thanks to mom for raising me to be a football fan. its definitely helping me out ;) just kidding. it was temping though so we had to take the lesson outside cause he didnt want to turn it off and I didnt need that distraction hahaha.
-- had his baptism interview yesterday and he is ready to go! the only thing is that the bishop might be out of the country that weekend of the baptism, and -- really wants him there. which means the date might get moved. we are praying he wont have to leave though.
we taught -- like 3 times this week. he is making huge progress. I know he was going to look at apartments today so that he can move out and be out of his house where his 'baby mama' he refers to as, is. He still has got the attitude goin on but thats something that will never change hahaha
-- came to church yesterday all dressed up in his white shirt and tie! he has been coming just in casual clothes so he really is started to take all this seriously it seems like haha. we are hoping to set a date with him this week.
Sister Lockhart and I have officially gotten the "feeling". All the missionaries get it when they know they are about to leave an area. We don't know which one it is, but one of us is gone. I am learning to just be okay with it and keep my happy face on and be excited for whatever is in store next!
Still loving every single second and cant believe how fast time is flying! I hope you all are doing great as always! love you!!

Poster they made for an investigator.

Zone Temple Trip

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