Thursday, July 11, 2013

July 8th, 2013

wellll another busy week! 
Last monday we had a zone picnic for the 4th and that was a lot of fun! we played games and enjoyed the crazy heat thats here. The 4th of july here is huge haha. Like all of the fireworks that are illegal in utah, are legal here. and everyone makes a huge deal out of it haha like people were doing fireworks until the sun started to come up the next day. You couldnt even see anything outside cause of all the smoke!
we visited a lot of less actives and are actually starting to learn about family history so that we can help our investigators get involved with that. I have never once been interested in doing family history work and I was always so confused why people liked doing it so much! But it is seriously the coolest thing ever. We have seen SO many reactivations just by getting them involved in it, and also a ton of people who have no interest in the gospel want to come and do family history work, and the spirit of elijah comes in and they all of a sudden have a desire to know more about the gospel! it is so crazy but so amazing to see. 
on thursday we had specialized training with president. the focus was on the statement "is anything too hard for the lord?". We talked a lot about goal setting and how if we prayerfully make goals each day, they can be accomplished! So sister lockhart and I made some crazy goals that definitely stretched us, but we prayed to heavenly father and told him what we were going to do in order to make these goals possible, and then asked for Him to place those people in our paths who were ready. So we had the goal on friday to get 10 lessons that day. We are supposed to get 20 lessons each week, so getting 10 in one day is kinda a lot haha. But we felt good about it so we just went with it! We decided to go street contacting that afternoon since we only had 3 set appointments for the day. We prayed before we got started and said that we were going to street contact for 2 hours straight, and that we would talk to everyone that we saw, and asked Him to place people in our path that would be willing to hear our message. Within seconds after getting out of the car, we saw a man working on his truck so we went over to talk to him, and right when he found out we were mormon missionaries he got so excited and jumped right up to talk to us! We had a really good discussion with him, and taught him the whole first lesson. It was so cool! Then after him we kept going and finding people, and almost everyone that we apporached to talk to, they were very open to our message and wanted to know more. That has never happened before! Like most people here want nothing to do with the LDS church, and dont wanna hear a thing about it. So it was seriously such a miracle how many people we got to talk to us and let us teach them. Anyways to make a long story short, we reached our goal that day, and ended up with 10 lessons and 2 new potential investigators. 
On saturday we taught -- and -- at the temple in the waiting room there. Probably the best lesson we have ever had. They were so excited to actually be inside and they said they didnt want to leave because of how strong the spirit is and how peaceful it is in there! -- told us at church on sunday that we are the first missionaries that -- has ever let past the front door, let alone get him to read the book of mormon and go to baptisms and the temple! He keeps telling us that if we leave, he isnt sure how well he is going to do after that. which is kinda scary cause he is doing SO good and we arent always gonna be here! but he just keeps telling us how grateful he is for us and is glad that we are being so patient with him! he doesnt want to rush into it because he says once he makes the decision to be baptized, he wants to put 100% of himself into the church. He knows it is a big lifestyle change and he just wants to make sure that he is ready for it. so he keeps asking for committments that he can make each time we meet with him, and he keeps saying the time is almost here. so we will have to just wait and see! I refuse to get transferred until he gets baptized hahaha. He is going to I know he is!
We are meeting with -- and -- this week, and im so excited about that! 
other than that I think it was just a typical week! trying to find the tens of thousands! (president always tells us the story of when he was first called as a mission president here, he went to the temple to figure out what his main purpose I guess was for the texas houston mission, and he got the answer that there are tens of thousands who the lord has prepared for us and our mission. so we always say when we go tracting or whatever that we are just finding the tens of thousands!)
I hope life back at home is great! I love hearing about all thats going on! Love you all more than you know!
sister huber 

4th of July Picnic



Texas Houston Mission

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