Monday, July 15, 2013

July 15th, 2013

just another week here in texas! there is so much going on that things that happened last monday and tuesday seems like they were a month ago haha. I will try to focus on the important stuff here.

---!!! he is going so great! we had dinner with his fam last week and had the best lesson ever. And I am in love with their little boy --- haha. He is my little buddy. He is obsessed with soccer and every time I see him he is wearing a houston dynamo jersey hahaha. thats the pro soccer team here I guess. So he got me to play with him and we played for like an hour I swear. I was like out of breath keeping up with that little boy. But anyways back to rob. He agreed to starting the discussions! Here is the thing with ---. He has gotten all of the lessons taught to him. He just never knew it. He didnt want to commit to the discussions cause by doing that, he says baptism is right after that. So in his mind, once he starts getting the discussions, he is committed to baptism. But we explained to him that he has already heard all of the lessons and he could seriously teach them to us because he knows all of the stuff so well. We also got him to stop procrastinating everything haha cause he keeps saying in a couple months he is gonna want to get baptized. He knows he is going to, and it is a goal of his, but he is scared because he doesnt wanna mess up once he is baptized. sooooo we talked to him about all that and we got him to let us start moving this process along! He is coming to a baptism on saturday with us again. And we are assigning him BOM chapters each night. He finally has that testimony of the bom and joseph smith, and that is the main thing that was holding him back. He already pays tithing even. And he isnt a member. Like he is so amazing! 
We had zone meeting this week, and we got a senior couple put into our district so that is kind of a new experience haha. Its funny cause now everything is much more reverent. We have a wild district so I'm sure the lord put this senior couple in it for a reason hahaha. 
We taught the --- family this week as well! We taught them the third lesson, and it went really good! They all had a bunch of questions about it and are still wanting to learn more and more! They came to a ward party that we had last week, and are all coming to the baptism this week as well. 
We taught --- again. A little rough with him. I dont know what it was but the spirit was not there at all and the lesson was just disappointing. Him and his wife never communicate with each other. So when we sit down for each of our lessons they both have something to say to each other that is not very nice! So it definitely kind of takes the spirit away and they both kind of get on edge with each other. So we committed them to read the bom together every night. --- texted us and said that it has been going well, and it has been helping them a lot. We will see what happens with them this week. --- is getting her patriarchal blessing and getting a temple reccommend this week so that she can go and do baptisms for the dead for her first time! They are getting there slowly but surely.
Transfers are this week! The assistants kinda hinted to us that we are both staying so that is good :) I think I will be here for a while hahaha. 
We are staying positive and putting all of our faith and trust in the lord! I think I kinda stressed myself out at the beginning of all this. But once I really put all my faith in the lord and realized all of these people are in His hands, it made everything a lot more simple. All our job is as missionaries is to work hard and listen to the promptings of the spirit and let Him guide us! He tells us everything that we need to do! 
You all are so great! Lots of love from the great city of houston!

sister huber 

Raining... sudden downpour!  Never dry out after that in Houston!

Decided to walk and got lost... even with a map!

Elders playing another prank on the Sisters!

Abandoned house they were told to check.  Last known address of a member of the Ward.

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