Monday, July 22, 2013

July 22nd, 2013

I cant believe that another week has gone by. the weeks seriously get shorter and shorter I swear! its crazy! 
last monday we had to get a new car. but dont worry! it wasnt my fault! hahaha. the elders made a slip and slide out of our car on pday last week when it started pouring rain, and of course they chose our car to do it on. and one of them slammed right into the windshield and shattered the whole thing haha. so we had to get a ride back to our apartment and had to stay there the rest of the night til they could get us a new one on tuesday. moral of the story is boys will be boys. even while they are on missions hahaha. 
we taught -- the first 2 lessons this week. and he also came to another baptism and he couldnt stop talking about the spirit that was there. he is SO prepared! he is just loving all of it! we also met with --, the excommunicated sister. we got her to open up about everything which is a huge step for her. she is thinking about having her baby get blessed in her home sometime. We visited a good amount of less actives this week too. --, an older lady who hasnt been to church in years. We read the book of mormon with her. And the -- sisters. They are 3 sisters who all live together. They have a strong desire to come back to church, but they all have bad habits like with smoking and drinking that they are working on fixing. They are too embarrassed to come to church, but love having us over. they are reading the book of mormon everynight, and their testimonies are so strong! its just a matter of getting past the addictions and getting them to church again. 
We taught the -- family the third lesson! The oldest son came to a youth activity this week and they are still wanting to keep learning more! they want to go to a baptism and see what that is like. they are reading the bom too. They are progressing slowly but surely! All of the kids are so curious about everything, and same with the mom, but the dad wants nothing to do with it. he is a very strong catholic and has no interest at all. So all of the lessons we teach are when the dad is at work. 
We saw the -- a couple times this week. Another part member family. We talked a lot about temples which they actually really really liked! We are meeting with them again this week. We are working on getting them to come to church. The dad wants to, but the mom is more hesitant. They are both members, and their oldest daughter is, but they have a 10 year old who isnt baptized. 
We got in to meet with the -- family, a less active family who the bishop has been trying to get in with but no one has ever been able to get in to talk with them. we FINALLY met them and they let us in and we had a really good lesson with them. They actually asked us if we would read the bom with them, so we started at the very front page and just started reading. we have an appointment with them this week to go back and teach them. 
the biggest miracle this week.. sister lockhart and I ran into this lady at our apartment complex, and we just started talking to her. her entire face was bruised and swollen, and she was embarrassed to even talk to us. but we started talking to her, and asked her if she was okay and if there was anything that we could do for her, and she just broke down in tears and told us how she is going through a divorce, and has no money. there are a lot of other things going on, but those are the main things I guess. so anyways we met with her back in her apartment, and brought her some food and stuff to get her through the week. She has no family to talk to, and is just really going through a lot of hard things. She asked us how she can be happy again, and it was seriously the most perfect opportunity to share the gospel with her. So of course we did! and she soaked it all in. The elders gave her a blessing, and she is coming to church. Its so amazing though because we didnt even work to find her. she literally just walked into us, and she even said that she knew that god put us in her path for a reason. talk about a miracle here!! She needed the gospel so badly in her life, and she has already found so much happiness in it. oh, her name is -- haha. 
I will end here with a confession. I told myself from day one that I was never gonna get in the habit of saying y'all. All of the missionaries here even say it and I never understood it. But like the people here make fun of you for saying 'you guys' and stuff like that haha. So the other day we were out and about and I guess it slipped cause sister lockhart was like you said it! oh my gosh you totally just said y'all! hahaha I like to pretend I didnt but unfortunately its gotten to me. its seriously like not controllable. I've tried to not but its just a thing you acquire down here i guess and sometimes you cant do anything about it. as long as I dont start typing my letters saying yall I will be fine with that hahaha. 
Keep the faith! Miracles happen every single day if you let god in your life. I have seen them every single day on my mission. He really does answer your prayers!! I love you all so much! 

sister huber 

The above mentioned Elders before the accident

Studying in the closet to stay focused after not being able to leave after the above mentioned accident

Sister (with her comp) who took them home after the accident
(Kim, she should look familiar to you from BYU foods class)


...and the shattered windshield!

Yes we are in a house. Sleeping on the floor. I will not explain why because it's
probably better you all don't know. Let's just say Houston is not a safe haven like
good old Utah County!!

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