Monday, April 7, 2014

April 7th, 2014

Conference weekend is my favorite weekend of the whole year <3 How blessed are we to have such amazing and inspired leaders who are called of God! My heart is so full right now. I can honestly say I am the happiest that I have been in my whole entire life. This gospel is absolutely perfect, and I have the most amazing best friend, my savior Jesus Christ :) 
So we just might be having a pool side baptism here pretty soon! We took --- on a church tour this week, and we always end the tour at the baptismal fonts. We showed her the picture of Christ being baptized, and had a way spiritual experience talking about it. And then we opened the font to show her where she would be getting baptized, and she about had a heart attack. It kinda scared her a little bit haha. It was the first time I have ever gotten that response ever on my mission! Its an older building, so the font isnt the prettiest thing in the world. We even cleaned the bugs out of it before we started but I guess that wasn't gonna help any! She just looked at it and goes "um. I'm scared to get in that thing. Can I get baptized some place else?" hahaha. So president chappell offered his beautiful pool in his backyard :) we'll see if we get it approved though :)
We got 2 new investigators while street contacting on the waterway one day which was also very exciting and a huge blessing! We know that there are people here prepared. They are a little harder to find but we know that they are here! Perseverance is key :)
Also had one of the more frustrating moments on my mission this week. um WHY CAN I NOT JUST SPEAK SPANISH?! I had to have a change of heart and let God remind me that I am speaking this language for a reason. We were at a park the other day, going to meet one of our less actives there for a lesson, and this man was there who speaks pretty much no english. He was curious about our tags and so we got a spanish BOM from our car and literally struggled through some serious spanglish for about an hour. His name is ---, and he is from mexico. He is so prepared it is amazing! We gave him some chapters to read and he said he wanted to meet the next day again. So we called up the hermanas in the area and set up an appointment for them. We met --- at the park again the next day, and was waiting for the hermanas to get there so that we could introduce them to him and hand him over. They ended up being an hour late, so there we were again struggling to communicate with this man! He read everything that we had given to him to read, and even though it was hard to understand some things he was trying to tell us, we could feel his sincere desire to know more about this gospel. I'm also still so amazed at how much we actually could communicate to one another. The spirit was 100% guiding that one thats for sure! The hermanas have been teaching him and said he is just taking every little thing in and his is progressing towards baptism! It was definitely an experience I won't forget.
This gospel is true! Hearing the words from the lord's inspired servants this weekend even more so solidified my testimony in this truth that we have. Study the talks that were given and APPLY THEM to your lives DAILY! It will bring more peace and happiness than you could ever imagine! The Lord is waiting to send His blessings to us! With Him on our side, we will win EVERY TIME :) I know that to be true with all of my heart!
I love you all and hope you have an amazing week! LIVE TRUE TO THE FAITH :)
xoxo sister huber

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