Monday, April 28, 2014

April 28th, 2014

So I am aboslutely freaking out inside because this could be my very last week in the woodlands and I dont like that one bit!! Like I seriously tear up when I think about it. So we try not to :) But pretty much I blinked my eyes and another 6 weeks flew by like that and one of us is getting booted outta here :( its pretty much a for sure thing :( I've been here almost 6 months now which is too crazy to believe! I keep trying to beg heavenly father to let me stay one more transfer here but if I've learned anything on my mission its to align my will with His completely and surrender all I have to Him! Including my own plans and wants for myself haha. So we will see what happens! I can still hope though ;)
This ward is seriously exploding with people to teach! We have come so far since when we first opened up the area, and it is such a huge blessing!
We taught a father and son this week who was a referral from someone that we tracted into. It went really well! We brought our friend Alexis along who just got home from BYUI and just got her mission call to Charlotte, NC! We bring her out with us all the time now and its another huge blessing :) She is the cutest ever. We also brought her along to help us teach our new investigator --- which was seriously a miracle lesson haha. We contacted him and his friend on the waterway like almost 6 weeks ago. He was really interested but his friend wasn't at all so he was kinda talked out of meeting with us. Last week we received a call from him at like 1 in the morning so we called him back the next day and he said that he wanted to meet with us. He is 23 and has a daughter who means the world to him and he has just really had a lot of challenges come into his life recently. He said he felt that he needed to meet up with us and learn about the book of mormon! The timing with him was ablsolutely perfect. I really feel that if we had contacted him any earlier or any later than we did, he wouldn't have been in a place in his life where he felt he needed to really make those changes for himself. So we met up with him and taught him the resoration and it couldnt have gone any better! There is so much potential for him. We are meeting with him again tomorrow and we are really excited about it!
--- came to church yesterday for the first time and loved it!! The ward has done an amazing job with fellowshipping her and it is so cool to see her just immerse herself in the gospel. She is so ready for her baptism!! We are finishing up her lessons tomorrow night at president and sister chappells home! aka the temple haha. the spirit in their home is seriously amazing. You close your eyes and feel like you are sitting in the celestial room. its incredible!
We still don't have any update on when --- will be out of the hospital :( All she can talk about is may 10th haha. its so cute. she is just so excited! And she is determined to be out by then! Yesterday Sister Ae and I had quite the learning experience while visiting her. Just so everyone knows, missionaries are not perfect!! I will be the first to say that I am far from it. We had planned to teach her about tithing, but we got talking with her and yesterday she really needed to just know that she is loved and accepted. Its something that she has really been struggling with. But she also keeps saying that we need to hurry up and finish her lessons so that she can be baptized! So instead of following the spirit and teaching what the spirit was prompting us to do, we continued to teach her tithing and it was an absolute disaster. Long story short, the spirit was not at all there and we all ended up just being very frustrated. I was upset at myself for pretty much the rest of the night. We as missionaries are not here to teach lessons to people like we are robots. Every single person we teach is so different and has such different needs and it is our job to follow the spirit it knowing what they need to hear, and also helping them to feel of that spirit. We definitely made a mistake and struggled through that lesson and it was all a mess because the most important part was missing, which was the spirit. I'm grateful though for that experience because it brought me to my knees and it humbled me and reminded me that this isn't my work. This is the lords work. I am here to be an instrument in His hands and do according to His will :)
Life could not be going any better!! The lord is showing us so many miracles and is leading us to those who are ready and prepared to hear the gospel! We are so happy and so grateful :)
I love you all so much!!
sister huber

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