Monday, April 21, 2014

April 21st, 2014

SUCH A CRAZY WEEK. oh my goodness. I feel like this past week was like an entire year haha. so many things went on and I don't even know where to start!

We had a long night last Monday being with --- in the ER. And then again on Thurday when she was admitted! My heart breaks for her. She has been sick most of her life, with no family support. She's been battling leukemia and lupus and epilepsy and all sorts of awful stuff and honestly hasn't really had time to live life. I can't even tell you how many times she has broken down in tears telling us how much we mean to her and how we are the first people in her whole life who has cared for her and shown her love. 40 years of life and she hasn't ever truly been shown love. She's a fighter that's for sure, but it makes me wonder why I have so much and why there are people like her who are suffering and literally have nothing. Its something I have really been struggling with lately. We visit her in the hospital almost daily, and we teach her lessons as she is hooked up to a million IV's and oxygen and just lays there in pain. And then I think of the life that I have- the amazing family that I have been blessed with who supports me 100% in everything that I do, all of my friends that are with me through thick and thin, this AMAZING gospel that I have never had to go without, all of the temporal blessings that I get to enjoy each day, not having any health issues, and even all of the memories that I have from the past 19 years of my life. I could go on forever. She doesn't have any of that! She said that the most fun she has ever had in her whole life was when we took her to the crawfish festival. I completely lost it when she told us that. And she still has a smile on her face! She tells us that we have blessed her life, but she has blessed my life way more than anyone will ever know. Bringing the gospel to her and watching her embrace it like she has, has brought me the most joy I have ever experienced. We set a baptism date with her for May10th! She has only come to church once, and we don't know when she will be out of the hospital so its something we still are going to have to figure out. But we know that The Lord will let things happen how He wants them to! :) Pray for ---. Pray for her to keep her positive personality and to receive the strength she needs to endure this trial/. Pray for her to continue to love this gospel with all of her heart and to know that this is where we receive the most happiness we could ever imagine. The elders came and gave her a blessing, and it brought so much peace to her. I honestly don't know if she will ever be healed, but if anyone can survive what this girl is going though, its her!

--- IS GETITNG BAPTIZED!!!! we had the most amazing lesson EVER on Tuesday with her. we usually teach her at the chapel, but we finally got her into a members home and it was absolutely perfect! We started teaching her the commandments, and one of the members bore such powerful testimony that literally brought everyone to tears. I have never seen the spirit touch --- like that ever. She expressed her desire to be baptized and we extended the date for may 17th! I know that lesson was what she needed. We had some obstacles in the past to overcome with her, and before when we set a date with her it just wasn't the right time. She hadn't had the conversion that she needed. She is faithfully reading the book of Mormon and is changing so much! Her family isn't too happy about her joining the church, but she knows that this is whats right for her!

We had our VERY LAST interviews with president pingree this week :( He seriously is one of the most amazing men on the planet. Lets just say he has set some sky high expectations for me for my future! If I can have a marriage and family like his one day, that is all I would ever ask for! They are a perfect example to me of complete love and dedication to the lord. Sister Pingree had us all write letters to president mortensen and his family who are coming in june. She was talking to us all about them and was crying even thinking about having to leave! It was definitely a bittersweet experience. So we just don't talk about it cause its way too sad haha.

Had a great easter sunday yesterday and I hope you all felt of our savior's love as you reflected on His eternal sacrifice for each of us! We are so blessed to know of His truth! Share that love with everyone you meet! It changes lives!! <3

with love from texas-
sister huber


little bunny foo foo

Sister Huber and Sister Ae

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