Monday, April 14, 2014

April 14th, 2014

MIRACLES happening in the THM!!!
I had probably the best week that I've ever had since being here in the woodlands!
It was a huge blessing that I was able to have sister bonner here for a day, and in just one day we got 6 new investigators!! We had a whole day devoted to finding, and it was so so great :) We studied PMG chapter 9 that morning, and then came up with a bunch of different finding ideas for this area. We literally talked to EVERYONE we saw. We knocked doors, we went to parks, shopping centers, just about every possibility there was, we tried it. We had 14 lessons in one day. Honestly looking back, I still can't even believe how we did it but the lord always pulls us through! And if that wasn't amazing enough, the biggest miracle we saw was the next day. We had gotten a text that morning from the mission office, giving us a name of someone who had been referred from who was in our area. We had our weekly planning that morning, and then had a meeting over at bishop's house after that. We had already planned out our day the night before, and so we just kept going on with our day totally forgetting this referral that we were supposed to go and visit. We were leaving bishop's house, and as we were driving I got the thought in my head to go and see if this person was home. So I stopped and turned around and Sister Ae was like, what in the world are you doing haha. And I said I just got a thought to turn around and go to the address right then and so we did! I have made a promise to myself that I will just do whatever I feel prompted to do. No matter what. Even if I don't know if the spirit is trying to tell me something, or if its just a random thought in my head, I just do it. Because most of the time all I get is a subtle little thought and if I don't act upon it then I don't always get that impression again! So really I didn't even think anything of it. So we show up at this apartment complex where it said she lived, and this specific place has locks on the doors and you have to have someone who lives there let you in. So we didn't even know how we were going to get in there. We walked up to the doors, and there were a bunch of people just outside hanging out. One of the ladies came up to us and asked us who we were there for. They could tell we were confused cause we said we were there to see a girl named Courtney, but that's all we knew about her. She said that there isn't even a Courtney who lived there, and called one of her friends named --- over and had her talk to us and she was just like "yeah we know everyone here and there has never been a Courtney here" hahaha. so we were just gonna tell them to have a good day and head out. But then --- looked at us and was like, "are you Jehovah's witness or are you Mormons?" which by the way, I cant even tell you how many times a day people think we are the JW's! Its out of control haha. So we explained to her that we were missionaries from the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints, and she said that she had some questions for us and asked if we had a minute to go up to her place and visit with her. So we went up and discussed the questions she had and was able to teach her the first lesson! --- is SO prepared its incredible! She was telling us how she knows it wasn't a coincidence that we were brought to that apartment at that time, and that she was prompted by the spirit to ask us to come up to her room, because its something she wouldn't normally do! I know that the lord led us to her that day! She is an amazing lady, and is the first investigator that I have ever had that so willingly accepts and keeps the commitments that we give to her! We met her on Thursday, and have met with her every day since. She came to our stake activity on Saturday night, came to church yesterday, has been reading the 
Book of Mormon, and reminds us all the time that she has felt empty for so long, and that this is what she has been searching for to make her to feel complete again :) talk about a MIRACLE!!!

On Saturday we got permission to go down to the temple for ---'s endowment!! It was one of the most spiritual temple sessions I have ever been to. I seriously love that girl so much. She has embraced this gospel more than I have ever seen anyone do! She came over to me in the Celestial room and just wrapped her arms around me and whispered to me "thank you for helping me get here" We both just started crying and I just looked at her and told her how much I love her and am proud of how far she has come. Its those moments that change your mission and help you to remember what you are here for. Those moments are the ones that keep me going :) Its something I wouldn't ever change for the world!

Then on Saturday night we had a huge stake crawfish festival that was geared towards families inviting non members, and all of the missionaries in the zone were there to give church tours. There were over 2500 people there and it was such a neat opportunity to meet so many new people who are curious to know what our church is about. There were lots of really cool experiences that night! Also saw my BEST FRIEND miss Madison Cecil who moved into the stake up here which was SO CRAZY!! We saw each other and both just started bawling. She literally lives like 5 minutes away from where we do haha. Talk about difficult!! It was so good to see her though. Love that girl!! Made my whole day! It was definitely lots of fun and we saw a ton of success come out of it! :)

--- came to church again yesterday, and also brought her mom! We had a good number of investigators there which we continue to be grateful for! Slowly but surely The Woodlands is being blessed and we couldn't be more excited! Just gotta keep em all on the path! :)

I <3 this work and I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

xoxo Sister Huber

Just putting a kitty litter box together for Laura. doin what we do :)

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