Monday, December 9, 2013

December 9th, 2013

things here are so so great! Christmas time is the best time to be a misssionary!! And it was temple week which is always a good week :) I also took up romanian so I may just come home speaking 3 new languages. jk hahaha. I was on the phone with our district leader last night cause he was getting numbers from us and I said something that was very grammatically incorrect I guess and he was laughing so hard and now I get made fun of allll the time from them cause apparently I cant speak good english. <--- I dont think thats correct either. So trying to take up all these other languages is bad news I think. But you have to have some change up sometimes! just keeping things exciting around here! anywayysss. something really cool that we are doing here! we are doing these voice recorded journal type things. Its called legacy stories and we go around to people and they talk about their ancestors, and their own lives and we record them and they get to keep them and put them on family search! isnt that cool?? Its a fun way to do family history and people are responding really well to it. We also have been making little christmas packages and are giving them to all of the less active and part member families in the ward and its been huge in getting us into their homes. There are so many part member families in this ward we are working with. We had 3 investigators at church yesterday!! This one girl whose name is ---. shes 15 and is best friends with a boy in the ward. he just left on his mission and he was huge in getting her interested in the church. his whole family is actually huge in missionary work and has been apart of a billion conversions its so insane haha. its basically their life. she has a date set for january 11! She is so excited and cant stop talking about her baptism. She asks us questions all the time about our missions too and she is saying how she wants to go on a mission and go to byu and all this stuff its crazyyy. so golden that girl haha. We are also starting to teach a 10 year old girl named ---. her mom is a single lady in the ward who was baptized only 3 years ago I think. And not too long after her baptism she went less active. So we are working with her and hopefully will get the little one baptized! sweetest girls in the world though. The lord is hastening his work!!
I have to say i was a little upset at first about having to share an area with elders. It was an adjustment for all of us and has taken some time getting used to. We had to take a step back into kindergarten and re learn how to share haha. But I cant even tell you how big of a blessing it is and how much we all love it now! It is such a blessing. It is so true that when we all work together miracles happen! We have seen how the elders click with some people that we dont, and we click with others that they dont. There is just so much going on around here that the lord is working through us all to do and it is so amazing to be apart of. 
I feel like this transfer I have learned more life lessons than anything. Its weird. I think I have definitely learned the most about myself, and have been put in situations to help me to grow more than anything. In the past I have felt like I have been helping others more and helping them to improve themselves, but for some reason the lord gave me a wake up call and put me in a place where I could improve myself first. I had a lot of personal growth that needed to happen and I know that He is helping me to better myself right now. Which in return will help me to be able to help others even more. Sister Andersen and I spoke in sacrament meeting yesterday and as I was preparing my talk I learned something that I know the lord was screaming at me to learn. We are here on this earth to go through the process of conversion towards eternal life. We dont recieve eternal life by simply doing what is right. We recieve it by doing it for the right reason, which is the pure love of christ. Chartiy, or the pure love of christ, isnt an act. It is a state of being. It is something that one becomes. I really had to stop and evaluate myself and what I have become. I knew what charity was. I also knew the acts behind charity. But I had to ask myself if it was something that I had become. Is the pure love of christ truly a part of who I am? So then my next question was, how do I know if I have been fully converted or if I have become what it is that I want to become? We learn in 1 cor 2:16that those who have recieved the spirit of god have the mind of christ. If we hear His voice instead of the voice of the world and do things in His ways instead of the ways of the world, then we know we have been converted. I still find myself thinking and acting in the ways of the world. But I know we all have the potential to be as our heavenly father and savior jesus christ and see things as they do and act as they would. And the only way it is possible is through them. We have to rely on them for help. I have really had to pray specifically to see certain things how my heavenly father sees them. And it takes effort. Its not easy sometimes! But with dedication and a real desire it is possible.
We watched the christmas devo at a members house yesterday and it was amazzing! I hope you got to watch it! We were at president chappells house who is president pingree's first counselor. He is in our ward here and he and his wife are the most amazing people you will ever meet. I have been way too blessed with such amazing people to work with here. Too many saints down here in houston! :)
I hope have a great week this week!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!
xoxo sister huber

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