Monday, December 23, 2013

December 23rd, 2013

I seriously can't believe its here. My one and only mission christmas has come way too fast! We had a big mission conference for christmas and it was the most amazing experience of my life. They actually had to split the mission in half and do 2 because there's too many of us now to have us all in one place! President was saying how with half of us there, it was still way more than his entire mission when he first got here. There was only like 150 missionaries at the beginning of this year, and now there is 280. 130 of those being sisters :) Like how cool is that?! They showed a video of all of the pictures of this years baptisms throughout the mission and I'm pretty sure I have never been in a room where the spirit was so strong in my entire life. President stood up and was talking to us after that and said that while he was sitting there he was getting all this revelation from the Lord and said he wasn't planning on saying any of this but that he was inspired to tell us all this stuff. So he starts saying how he knows that the Lord is very pleased with what we have done in this past year and that He is proud of all of our efforts, but that it isn't enough. He said we have to step it up this next year and have a mindset of baptizing someone EVERY WEEK. I think everyone's jaws just like dropped to the floor when he said that haha. A while back president wanted us to change our mindsets to baptizing a family each month and no one has gotten there yet and he knows that, so he said that he knows none of us are in a place to even be thinking we can baptize someone every week but that we have to get there. The Lord means business when He says He is hastening His work! We have the numbers in missionaries so He is providing a way! If thats what He wants then He will make it possible :) Basically its time we all step up our game 100 notches and GET. TO. WORK. :)  
So this girl named --- and her mom yesterday walk into church wanting to meet with our bishop to get an ecclesiastical endorsement for her application to BYU. Neither of them are members. --- is a senior in HS and she told us that for the past couple years she has felt like she needs to go to BYU for some reason and she doesn't know why. So she met with the bishop and then asked me tons of questions about it and this girl is seriously golden. Even bishop was like this girl is going to be a member one of these days. It was the craziest thing ever! I feel like HF was like, you're struggling kinda bad so here's an easy one hahaha. for reals though. It was just a testimony to me that there are people here that are prepared even though it seems like there is absolutely none. And if we do our part He will do His and lead us to those who are ready to hear the gospel.
Basically I am dying to be able to talk to the best family in the entire world in just 2 days!!!!! I am a baby and tear up every time I think about it so I have been trying to just not even think about it haha. I CANT WAIT!!!! I LOVE YOU!!! have the best christmas EVER!!!! :)
xoxo sister huber

typical day in the life of sara. hahahahahaha. one man show over here.

December weather.

Mission Conference

my bff hartlock :)

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