Monday, December 30, 2013

December 30th, 2013

** Insert from me.... we loved Skyping with Sister Huber on Christmas.  These are the family photos that we took during this!**

Well it looks like starting tomorrow I'm not gonna just have one companion but 2! We are being put in a trio! I am actually really excited about it. There are tons of trios already in the mission and I have always kinda wanted to be in one. There are just so many missionaries and no where to put them! Sister Andersen and I are both staying and they are just bringing a new one up here. President also knew that I needed help with the work up here. He called me earlier this week when I was on exchanges and was debating on whether Sister A should stay on a mission or not. It is really hard on her. She has bad anxiety and shuts down when she has to talk to someone. She like medically needs help I guess. I feel really bad for her though because I know its hard and she gets frustrated with herself because she wants to help and to be outgoing and talk to people but she just cant. She says in her mind she knows what she wants to say to people but when she goes to say it she just freezes and cant get anything out. Its way sad. But its been hard too because I have had to almost carry double the load for this companionship and I just really need more help. Its been pretty draining in just about every way. So I think this change will be really good for us all! Alma 26:12 was an answer to my prayers last night. One of our elders is getting transferred and I am really sad about it. We actually did not get along with each other at all at first haha. I called him the annoying older brother I never had. And he tried his hardest to live up to that name! But the 4 of us really worked well together and he was someone who I could joke around with and we definitely kept things lively around here! He actually is exactly like scott. I'm sure that explains things hahaha. Our saying was if you aren't having fun, you're doing it wrong. And we did it right alllll the time with that one. So I'm hoping the new one that comes in can have a little fun every once in a while or I might go crazy! But hey 3 girls working together will have enough excitement in itself. Poor Brother Prince. He went from living with 3 girls in his house now to 6 hahaha. Never a dull moment around here. We are spending the rest of the day moving furniture around and stuff so that we can fit a third bed in our room! Its gonna be crazy but it will be way fun! I'm excited about this week! 15 potentials to get after this week so things are definitely happening in the woodlands :) teach teach teach is all we do! best time in the world to be a missionary!

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