Monday, November 4, 2013

November 4th, 2013

Great week here!!!  It was actually really great! We are teaching a 13 year old girl named ---. Not ---. ---. yeah. She is like so golden. oh my goodness. k. the girl goes to early morning seminary every single morning because she wants to. She isnt even in high school yet. She just goes! She is basically ready to be baptized. But we have been working with the family a little bit and we want to try and get them as well so that it doesnt really break up the family. And so that she has the support of them and all of that. But they all came to a ward activity the other night and really liked it! 
--- got the priesthood!!!! And --- also blessed the sacrament yesterday for the first time and that was really cool. They both are getting family names ready to go and take to the temple next week to do baptisms! They are so excited about it. 
We taught --- the first lesson and it was sooooo cool. After the closing prayer we were like still on our knees and she started saying how she got this feeling that she needed to go home and talk to her husband about all what she learned and teach him the restoration. He isn't exactly interested in the church, but he isnt against it at all. He is really supportive of her and is glad that she is doing this. She said that she thinks he will end up joining one day too! But it was so cool how excited she was and wanting to go home and teach him about it. Who knows maybe we will just teach the both of them and they can get baptized the same day haha miracles happen! 
We went on splits with some of the laurels in the ward which was fun! Its something I wish I could have done before my mission. I took this girl out who is putting her papers in pretty soon actually. Her name is Alexis and she is probably the funniest girl alive. She is going to be a way great missionary. But we went to go visit --- and --- and I think I got booted down to being --- second favorite because of alexis! hahaha I secretly think its cause shes black and --- loves anyone who is black besides himself. I told her everytime we go to teach him now that shes gonna have to come with us! Im convinced that he will get baptized once they get a black missionary in here! --- though is so amazing! She went from being completely inactive, to getting reactivated and getting her temple reccommend and her patriarchal blessing and now she is speaking in stake conference this month! I cant even believe it. She has changed so much it is crazy. 
We got a new ward mission leader yesterday that we are SOOOO excited about. He is so great and is a freak about missionary work. He actually served in McAllen! He is gonna be really good. 
Other than that nothing else is really new! We have a ward missionary who is a massage therapist and she had us over for massages this morning and I was like holy cow Im living the missionary high life haha. I cant complain! There is a reason why I am in texas! 

Hope you all had a great week! Miss and love each one of you!! 
xoxo sister huber 

Wild Boar that we actually ate... sick!

Yes, Christmas is up!!

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