Monday, November 25, 2013

November 25th, 2013

yes I got transferred to The Woodlands! The place that no one wants to go! hahaha. Its the richest area in the mission. Like the houses here are huge, I will send some pics. Its where all of the Rockets and Texans players live and rumor is Beyonce lives up here too so who knows maybe we'll convert here while we're here. I'm also whitewashing the area which has been weird. We opened up a brand new area with elders! So thats weird too sharing an area with other missionaries. So instead of having 1 companion I kinda have 3. Sister Andersen is my comp. She's only been out 6 weeks. And then the Elders are elder harris and christensen. They are both really new too. I think 6 weeks and 3 months. Its been hard though cause we literally have nothing to work with. no investigators, no area book, no nothin haha. So sis andersen and I are really just starting with getting to know the ward! We pick an area in the ward and visit all of the active and less actives in that area. With how rich this place is, members are going to be our biggest way of finding people to teach. So we are gonna start teaching them the discussions and building that relationship with them. The ward though is amazing. I am so surprised at how much more this ward is into missionary work than my last! Our bishop is unreal. He is huge on missionary work and he works probably just as much with us, if not more than our ward mission leader who is also amazing!! So if anything I have a really supportive ward. They were SO excited to get sisters. Everyone at church yesterday was like swarming us telling us how happy they are that we are here. And the poor elders think that they are gonna be put on the backburner haha. But its good cause with both sets I think we can do some pretty great things here!
We live with a member which is also different but so so fun! Its the Prince family. They have a son who just got off his mission and is going to SVU, and a son who is on a mission in Ogden, and then 2 daughters Brittney and Ashley who are 15 and 13. Super nice family and its really fun to have the girls around too. Im actually really grateful to have them. We live in the middle of the city and its so fun especially cause its christmas time and they have it all lit up and have christmas trees everywhere :) Theres a huge mall like right outside our place. Its just like a city creek type thing. But bigger. And they have this waterway that we run by every morning which makes it kind of bearable haha.
I'm excited to be here! Its a huge challenge for me for sure but it'll get better :) Its a lot of change at once. Even my comp is so different from sister walker. Which has been hard. Sis Andersen is from a mountain in Idaho. she literally lived in a tent in the middle of no where. crazy right?! so she was homeschooled and all that and the first thing she told me was that she has a fear of talking to people. And when you're whitewashing an area thats kinda something you cant be scared of. Actually just being a missionary in general too. But I think she is having a really hard time. We were practice teaching at district meeting the other day with some sisters and in the middle of it she just started crying and so we walked out and I asked her what was wrong and she just said how she cant teach and she doesnt know what to say or how to talk to people. So I have been doing most of the talking and teaching but I'm trying to figure out how to get her to open up as well. Its sad to see cause I know she is trying but she just really doesnt know how! President pulled me aside at transfers and warned me about it and I think that he has a little too much faith in me! Its really, really hard. We'll get it one of these days though! The princes are out of town for the week so Mama Sevy is coming up and getting us for thanksgiving so Im really excited about that! Its almost as good as being home ;) I am being taken care of very well here!! Hope you have a great thanksgiving!! Im so grateful for the most amazing family in the world!!! Love you!!!
xoxo sister huber

Sister Huber and Sister Williams at transfers (friends at MTC)

MTC district at Transfers

Sister Huber's new Companion, Sister Andersen

Sister Huber and Sister Andersen

Homes in her new area

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