Monday, November 11, 2013

November 11th, 2013

hola familia! I had an hour long conversation last night with an illegal from Honduras actually hahaha. His girlfriend is a less active in our ward who we visit pretty regularly and he taught me tonssss of Spanish. including how to roll my dang tongue hahaha. it was so funny. I've never talked to someone for that long who doesn't speak English. We may or may not have had a translator but still.. I feel like im moving up in this world :)
quite the week here! My first situation in which we had to drop an investigator because he was converting to sister Huber and not to jesus Christ. hahaha. So im just gonna start from the beginning here. We went into a gas station one day to use the bathroom (which I didn't realize how much missionaries had to actually go to gas stations to do that) and the guy working there was super friendly and we ended up teaching him the whole first lesson. His name is --- and he is from india and didn't even have a belief in God so that was interesting. So he said he wanted to keep learning more so we would go back and occasionally teach him. Well we went on exchanges this week, and I went to the singles ward which is a whole other story, but sister king came here with sister walker and they went to go visit ---. And apparently he FREAKED out cause I wasn't there and wouldn't even let them teach him cause he was so mad. so that was a red flag right there so we decided that we were going to go the next day and drop him. So sister walker and I went to go visit him and the first thing he does is turn to sister walker and says "I think you should go and leave her here" while pointing to me. so we were like wellllll actually neither of us are going to come back anymore. hahaha. we didn't say that but we did kinda say something like that. and the funny thing is when we left, sister walker was like look at him! so I look at him through the window and he has his hands over his face totally bawling. I actually felt really bad. But he straight up said that the only reason he started to believe in god was because I believed in god and wanted him to. so that's never good. poor --- :(
So the singles ward!! holy cow sooooo weird. we went to some Christian crusaders for Christ group at a college campus and it was just this big club I guess of people who love god and they get together each week and share their stories of how they found god and stuff. It was the most bizarre thing I have ever been to. cool though! talked to a lot of people who seem to love the Mormons! We also visited this less active girl in their ward who is like totally suicidal and committed her to smile at least 5 times every day. It broke my heart though talking to her and how depressed she really is. It makes me feel bad for how easy my life is and the things that I complain about.
The people in the windrose ward though are doing amazing!! One of the lady's that we reactivated is speaking in stake conference this month. and guess who else is speaking in stake conference?! ---!!!!!! I was like so amazed. He has been baptized for only like a month and is speaking at stake conference. He also is going to be getting the melchizedek priesthood in the next couple months. I cant even believe how far he has come! --- is getting the second lesson this week and said that she is thinking she will be ready to be baptized the beginning of next year. So that's really exciting!! Lessons were kinda a struggle this week but it was a really good week anyways! Cant complain being in the THM! I miss and love you all! Im getting ready to be shipped outta here in the next week but I'm sure I will love my new area just as much. Im dreading it though because leaving here is like leaving home all over again. So we don't talk about it :) anywayyssss. LOVE YALL!!!
sister Huber

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