Monday, November 18, 2013

November 18th, 2013


so im getting shipped outta here tomorrow morning to an unknown destination. but I will get you my new address and all next week when I know! as excited as I am to get to a new area, I am seriously so sad. It is literally like leaving home all over again. I was saying bye at mamma sevy's last night and she hugged me and we both just started bawling. everything was lost after that haha. I dont like it one bit! But I seriously am so ready and so excited to have a new adventure! 
I went to magnolia which is totally in the country with my bff sister lockhart for a day and it was probably the best day of my whole mission. I got to drive a red truck around and we seriously had to drive 30 miles to get from house to house. it was so crazy but soooo fun. love that girl :) I will try to send some pics! love you!!!!!
xoxo sister huber

Champions District

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