Monday, June 24, 2013

June 24th, 2013

oh my goodness. WHAT A WEEK!!! I have to say it has definitely been the hardest week of my mission so far. Everything that could have gone wrong, probably did haha. But we just kept pushing through and it is a brand new week now!! We are soo so excited for this week :)
President texted sister lockhart and I the other day and invited us over for dinner with him and sister pingree. It was so crazy because we had the absolute worst day ever and he must have gotten revalation or something because he knew something was up. And right when we got there he sat down with us and we both just started bawling hahaha. And I didnt know this, but he said that we are in the hardest area in the whole mission and that the transfer before I got here, he was considering taking missionaries out of it completely because it is so bad here. And I thought that it was just normal cause I didnt know what to expect cause it is my first area! But after being out on exchanges, I came back and could tell that it was harder than other areas. For lots of reasons that I wont go into detail haha. Just the people here are really mean. And the ward is pretty bad. But anyways he asked us if he needs to just stop putting missionaries in this area because he is pretty frustrated with things here and said has lots of other places he could use us, but we are hopeful and are powering through all the craziness!! I feel like you cant just give up on people! But now I have a feeling he is going to leave us here for a while haha. This is sister lockharts third transfer, and she has been in this area the whole time. He told us that by being here it will really help us to learn to fully rely on the lord because we really only have Him and each other right now! I am soooo grateful to have a companion who is like my best friend. If we didnt love each other as much as we do, this would be so much harder I cant even imagine!! We were on exchanges for maybe 24 hours and we were like so happy when we were back together hahaha. Anyways sorry for all the negativity! I LOVE MY MISSION :) every single second :) really though. even on the hard days, I look back on them and am so grateful for them. being here has really made me realize that no matter what the challenge is, as long as the lord is involved you can do absolutely anything!!! We were actually encouraged to pray for more challenges in our mission. sounds kinda weird to ask for more challenges, but the more you have the more you realize that they are actually blessings! We cant reach our full potential unless we have those challenges to help us grow. God wont let us be content with our weaknesses and he will push us until we reach the potential that he KNOWS we can reach. and the only way we can do that is by letting Him in our lives and getting through the things that we dont think we handle.
Yesterday during ward council, once of the members of the bishopric said that there has been more success in this ward in the past couple months than there has been in the past 3 years. how cool is that?! I feel like the work here is just getting started!! So I know it will get better. And I am really excited about it :) We have a lot of good things planned for this week! We have like 3 investigators who are SO CLOSE to baptism. they are so ready for it. soooo so exciting!!!
we are in the bible belt people!!!! holy cow. hahahaha. ahhh kfkldnsklhuiacgorhejla. <------ thats all I have to say about that. no joke, we will knock on doors and they will let us in and we will start teaching and they take over the lesson and start preaching to us. like this one guy took out his bible and read to us revelations 22:18-19. It basically says that if you add anything to the book that you will get the plauge or something like that. So he started like bashing on us and how we are gonna get the plauge cause we have the book of mormon and how it is adding to the bible which is a sin and all this stuff. and his wife looks at us and was like I think yall need to pray and ask god if what yall have added to the bible is right or not. it was so funny haha so we were just like okay we have to go now have a great day! it is so hard sometimes to bite your tonuge and not say anything. cause we obviously arent here to argue with them and you can tell who is just wanting to argue with you so we dont even try to go any farther. people here are very, very firm in their beliefs!! tons of devout baptists and catholics. and lots of other religions I cant even pronounce haha.
well this girl passed the driving test!!! hahahaha yay!!!!! watch out houston things could be getting pretty crazy!
we were at church for a total of 9 hours yesterday. I have to say that is a record!! and a huge accomplishment for me hahaha. just lots of meetings and stuff. and then that missionary broadcast! it was so amazing!! I cant even believe how lucky I am to be able to serve my heavenly father ALL THE TIME and nothing else. there isnt anything more amazing than doing the lords work!! and I love how it talked a lot about how members are missionaries and what they can do as well. every one of you are missionaries and can make such a difference!! never forget the lord is relying on all you to carry on his work!
Texas is so great and I love it more and more each day! I thought I lucked out with getting normal food here but boy was I wrong. hahaha. weirdest food here that I cant even tell you what it is cause I dont even know myself what i am eating sometimes! we are having dinner this week at some vegans house so that should be interesting. sister lockhart said that they ate there a while ago and they were literally eating the earth hahahaha. it looked like dirt and grass and tasted like it too. hahaha. but its fun to experience all of this different stuff! half the time It feels like we are on the streets of mexico and not america hahaha its kinda crazy. anyways hope everything is going great back at home!!
love sister huber

Tracting area

Studying Spanish Book of Mormon

Pass along cards... one days worth!



Notice the cars in the background....


Common signs there.

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