Monday, June 10, 2013

June10th, 2013

oh my where do I begin?!? Right when we stepped off the plane the humidity hit hard hahaha. But I knew right away that this is where I am supposed to be and it feels so right :) The mission president and his wife were there waiting for us. they are AMAZING! I really think that a big reason that I was sent here is because of my mission president. He is the nicest person you will ever meet. Even in my first interview he was so welcoming and was just like "we are your family for the next little while so if you ever need to have a talk with mom and dad cause you are having a rough time you know where to come!" haha love him. Wednesday night we stayed the night at a members home. It was the last night we had as MTC girls! very bittersweet! Then we got up thursday morning and met our new companions and all left for our areas! I am in an area called windrose. It is very diverse I guess you could say. There are neighborhoods of mansions. Like, ginormous houses where celebrities live. And then some not as fortunate neighborhoods where when you are in their house you have bugs crawling all over you. Yeah... kinda gross. Its hard to sit there and act like it doesn't bother you when you have huge bugs crawling on you and flies on your head. And yes everything is bigger in texas including the bugs. They are HUGE. its scary. Our apartment is really nice! It is in a gated area on a lake and stuff. And we have a car so thats good news! Or bad news. Cause we aren't the best drivers... I actually can't drive unless I take some driving test hahahaha cause of my driving record. And Sister Lockhart has now crashed the car twice. I take half the blame cause ya know how we have to back each other out? Yeah well its like the blind leading the blind over here and so one of the crashes I was backing her out and then she went forward and killed the front of the car on a curb hahaha. I'm afraid president is gonna make us ride bikes from now on haha.
And... you thought I would be speaking english here.. well SURPRISE! hahaha. 75% of the people here only speak spanish. Well at least thats what it seems like. One of our investigators barely could speak english. So a lot of times we have to have the spanish elders with us. They are kind of our translators. But I have learned a lot of espanol! I think its safe to say I can now bare my testimony in it haha. But thats about it. So we will see how this goes hahaha. That investigator actually got baptized on Saturday though! My first baptism! His name is --.
Lets see so thursday we taught the -- family. LOVE THEM. Mom, the mom reminds me of aunt leslie haha. Nicest family ever. The dad never is here for the lessons. But there are 5 kids and they are all very receptive to what we teach them. They are catholic, but the mom really believes in what we teach them, and I feel like this could really go somewhere! They have been faithful in reading the bom. We are also teaching a big black guy named --. He lives in one of the huge houses and has like 5 sports cars. Anyways, his wife is a member but has been less active for over 20 years, and she has now been coming to church and taking the discussions with him and we invited him to be baptized at the end of this month!!! He is progressing so much. We have actually only taught him the first 2 lessons! Last night when we were leaving their house he gave us a hug and was like "I don't like this handshake deal. you guys are like my family" hahaha he obviously doesn't know the missions rules but its okay. 
Friday we had zone conference. Our zone is all so fun! there is about 30ish of us. They all call me sister herber and think they are soooo funny hahaha. So now that is what i respond to. 
Oh! my companion! her name is sister lockhart. We have decided that we are pretty much the same person. People even ask us all the time if we are twins. We get along so well and are best of friends! She is from utah too. But people are always like, "there is no way that anyone will be able to turn you two down if you show up on their doorstep!" haha. but let me tell you, we have had some interesting experiences tracting. very interesting. first night we had some old guy slam his door on us. we knocked on his door and he opens it and we didnt even have a chance to say one word. he starts talking and this is exactly what he said "Jesus christ is my savior, he has me speaking in tongue, I speak with him daily, when was the last time you talked to him?" and then slammed the door haha. And this might be really bad, but me and her just looked at each other and started laughing. After the door slam of course. Like he made it sound like God was sitting in his living room or something hahaha. But yeah its easy to get discouraged and down when things like that happen. But we just try to have positive attitudes and that's all you can do sometimes! Your attitude makes ALL the difference. So we made an agreement there are no negative comments allowed! I really believe that you can make or break your mission by your attitude. Hard things are going to come your way and they aren't even that bad if you are positive about it!
 And then another lady when she opened her door was just like "Do not talk to me about jesus christ" and then her husband walks up and she goes "these girls are mormons" and he starts busting up laughing. and then after she came back outside and started talking to us again and I think she felt bad for being rude and she was asking a little bit about us. And it was getting dark and she was like, "I wish there were people that I could tell you to go talk to. But I just want you girls to be safe. Houston is a great place, but it is scary and kind of dangerous so I think you should probably head home. Scary things happen around here at night" and it was almost 9 so we kinda took that as a sign to head back to our apartment.
So the tap water here is so nasty. And that's all that we have to drink in our apartment. It tastes and smells like pool water. I don't know if it is a texas thing or what. But I had a hard time drinking it for some reason so the first few days I would try to force myself to drink it cause the heat here is like nothing back at home and if you are outside all day tracting with no water you will probably die. Anyways I maybe drank a full water bottle in 3 days. That's how gross it tastes. And by Saturday I was feeling so sick and dizzy and I was trying to hold out til pday when we went to the store to get some bottled water, but then I ended up throwing up and sister lockhart was like you are literally going to die we are going to get you water haha. But I felt bad going to the store when it wasn't pday! So we decided that we were going to talk to everyone in the store and pass out at least one book of Mormon. So we are in the store and this man stops us and looks at me and was like "you were on the cover of the newspaper this morning!" and I was like no that wasn't me haha and he was like yes it has to be you! So I finally convinced him that it really wasn't me. Haha it was a nice convo starter. so then we shared with him a quick message and gave him some pamphlets and a BOM. then I didn't feel so bad about getting water. So no worries I am drinking lots now!
It is soooo pretty here. Like it is so green and the sunsets here are unreal. They have these little frogs that just are everywhere so we pick them up and play with them haha. I have lots of pictures but I left my camera so I will have to email them next week!
I feel like I am forgetting a lot to tell you! So much happens here! But I am doing great and loving it! Its hard, but its a good kind of hard. I have a feeling I am never going to not be tired over these next 18 months haha but that's alright! I love it!
I love you all! I have a new address so send everything here now and not the mission home. cause I will only get mail from there every transfer (every 6 weeks) If I even get transferred.
7303 Spring Cypress Rd. #937
Spring, TX 77379
Try to send more letters than emails cause it is hard to read and respond to everyone! I feel really bad but that's just how it is I guess! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!
-sister huber

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