Monday, August 18, 2014

August 18th, 2014


We had another amazing week this week!

Despite all of the objection from his family, Kwaku was baptized on Saturday and it was such a great day :) A lot of YSA's get it when they tell their family and friends that they want to join the church. It always amazes me how strong they are when they have everything and everyone against them. They are always so committed to their testimony and don't let anything get in the way of doing what they know is right! Its such a testimony to me! I really think that all of these investigators and recent converts that we've had have strengthened my testimony wayyy more than we could ever strengthen theirs. 
He got confirmed yesterday, and also received the priesthood and got his temple recommend! We are going to do baptisms with him this week :) Bishop really likes to get them going fast around here and I think it really helps them a ton!

Sister Loo and I have been struggling to know how we can help Mike, our southern baptist friend :) He came to church for his confirmation, and hasn't come since. We have felt really down and discouraged because we don't know what went wrong! Its always sad to see people stop coming to church, but especially when its one of your recent converts! We stopped by his house yesterday, and his roommate Dennis told us that Mike is avoiding us. Its really sad but we are trying to not let it get to us because we have so many others who are progressing so well in the gospel! He needs all of the prayers that he can get. He has such a sincere heart, and he has a testimony of this gospel. He has just let all of the opposition get to him and its really hard to see! 

I really had my eyes open up even more to the atonement this week. I was thinking back to when I was in a family ward, and the problems that we helped people with. There were so many broken families, dealing with divorce and adultery and pornography and all sorts of heartbreaking things like that. Here in the singles ward, you deal with people who are upset over a break up or just because they aren't married yet. I'm not gonna lie, after a while I was like are you kidding me?! I have seen way worse problems out there and we are listening to people cry about how they dont have a boyfriend! As I was comparing the 2 different situations, the thought came to me that just as much as Christ's atonement heals those who have addictions or who have had their spouse cheat on them, it covers those who are hurting because they simply don't feel loved or wanted by a boyfriend or girlfriend, no matter how silly to me it may seem at times! Christ is there for & cares about ALL of His children- and His atonement covers every problem in this world, no matter how big or small. He wants to comfort one just as much as He wants to comfort the other! And there isn't anything that anyone is going through that He doesn't think is significant or important. I have really been praying to see these people as Christ Himself does, and that was the answer to prayer that I was needing. I am here to help all of God's children, and love them as He would- no matter what their situation may be. 

Well Sister Loo and I are back to finding, finding, and more finding! We've had a lot of our really solid investigators fall through the cracks and we really don't even know what's happened to them. The adversary is a real thing! He is out to stop all of these people from progressing in the gospel and unfortunately sometimes there isn't anything else we can do about it :( So we'll see how this next week goes! We are hopeful that God has lots of amazing miracles in store for us! :) 

I love you all and hope you have a great week! 

sister huber

Julia- one of our most favorite members! She made us these darling pillow cases :) We love her so much!!!

FHE :)

Lesson at the temple with Kwaku

The reason we gain so much weight! 

The Shack with Natasha

Kwaku's baptism :)
temple baptisms with our recent converts!

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