Thursday, August 14, 2014

August 11th, 2014

hey y'all-

sorry its going to be a short one this week! We were stuck at the eye doctor for hours! Long story short, this girl's got glasses now hahaha. A mission ages you like 20 years I swear!
I was starting to get headaches every day and everything was getting more and more blurry so we decided to get it checked out and who knew they had gotten so bad?! I honestly think its cause of all of the lessons we have in dark houses and reading from my small scriptures with hardly any light has been quite the struggle! But we got it all taken care of now thank goodness! My eyes are suuuper dilated so I'm struggling to even type this at the moment so I hope you can read it! 

I'm extra grateful today for being in the states :) 
Then momma sevy took us out and we spent some time with her which is always THE BEST :) I am grateful for my mission moms to watch out for me- especially here in the singles ward where you just dont get that! They're definitely tender mercies from the lord! 

Another really good week! K... is getting baptized this weekend and we're so excited! We passed A... off to the sisters in the family ward because she likes it there better- which is totally fine! We were sad but we told her we would still be there at her baptism :) Matthew came to church yesterday and then left straight for Ohio! I am so grateful that we have missionaries everywhere in the world! They are already onto him so he's excited! He sent us the sweetest text saying how grateful he was for us in his life and that he hopes that when he gets baptized we can be there :) he's a good guy! And then of course we are still working hard to get those 25 contacts every day! Its been hard but It's really helped me to rely on the Lord even more! 

President has been bringing in so many great new ideas to the THM and we are seeing so many blessings already! We have been having trainings on becoming a 'Master Teacher'. Basically president told us that as a companionship, we shouldn't be doing more than 50% of the talking in our lessons. Let me tell ya- this was an adjustment for us!! We can teach and preach for dayssss. But that's not how the lord taught. And that is our goal :) 

He said that the truth is in every son and daughter of God, and it is our job to help our investigators to find that truth inside of themselves. So we tried out this new approach and oh my word. It seriously changed my whole mission!! We had the most incredible lesson with our investigator Miguel. I say this all the time- but I have never felt the spirit so strong in a lesson before. He started out asking us if he's already been baptized if he needs to be baptized again in the mormon church. So instead of just rambling off and answering his question ourselves, we helped him to find the answer in himself. So we read from the scriptures, and would ask him questions from the scriptures that we read. As he pondered the question he had, and then pondered the scriptures, he would start to share his thoughts and feelings and the answer literally came to him as we asked him those inspired questions. 


I'm really excited to continue to practice this approach. I know that its not only going to help me and those I teach as I missionary, but its going to help me for the rest of my life! The Lord is our perfect example of a perfect teacher, and we can help more people to come closer to Him as we do it just as He would!

I love being a missionary :) Helping to bring people into this gospel is the most amazing thing in the whole world. & in return, all of these amazing experiences that I get to have every single day has blessed me and my life in ways that nothing else could! I had no idea how great this really was :) The Lord has blessed me way too much! 

I love you all so much!!!!

sister huber 

last week's p-day watching 17 miracles at erika&jonathans :) we wanted so badly to just lay on a couch and watch a movie so they helped make it happen! :) 

a member took us for korean food. best thing you'll ever eat!

matthew & amanda (she's been so amazing at our lessons with him!)

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