Monday, July 7, 2014

July 7th, 2014

A Texas summer is one thing, but a Texas summer with no AC is another...
Sister Loo and I had a great little surprise one night walking into our 90 degree apartment to find that our AC was BROKEN. and it still is hahaha. But I have to say I wasn't even upset about it! We kinda just sat there at laughed. HF has been spoling me wayyyy too much out here. I think when I first decided to go on a mission I had this horrible idea in mind that I was going to be living on dirt floors for 18 months. So I think a little discomfort has been good for us :) We made the mistake of opening our windows hoping to get some cooler air in.. because who knew that a whole swarm of roaches would get in?! Not us. hahaha. I've become real good at catching those things. Last night we received one of the Lord's tender mercies by a member 'just happening' to have an extra fan sitting in their garage! The Lord is watching over us :)

Another AMAZING week here in the THM. I think I always say that. But really every week seems to be the best week ever! I never even know where to start! 

We had some really good lessons with our southern baptist friend Mike. When we taught him the word of wisdom I think we were put on his hit list haha. We read from D&C 89 with him and we asked him what The Lord is asking us to refrain from and he goes "EVERYTHING THAT I LIKE TO DRINK!!!" he then went into his trailer and brought out an entire thing of sweet tea that he had just barely bought the day before haha. He didn't even question it though! Right away he knew what he needed to give up and he did! #goldeninvestigator
He is supposed to get baptized this saturday, but we still have all of the 5th lesson to teach him since they just made that a requirement for before baptism! He has a lot going on this week so it might have to be pushed back until next weekend. He has his interview on Thursday with President Chappell! 

J-- said that he has been praying about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith and that he knows that he needs to be baptized! He had a date for the 12th, and he said that he feels good about it! So we just might have a baptism on Saturday! He has been reading lots of conference talks by President Monson and absolutely LOVES them. He's just amazing. He always says that it definitely wasn't a coincidence that James knocked on his door that one day. Always a testimony to me that The Lord leads us to those that are prepared!! 

Meeting the Mortensens-
So pretty much I feel like President Mortensen is President Pingree in a different body haha. Its really crazy actually. We had a big intro conference this week and we met the whole fam! They brought 5 kids out with them, and their oldest daughter just left on a mission in NJ! Their youngest is a little boy who is 5 and I couldn't help but think of little Matthew. Made me miss him so much! Lets see. They came from orange county, and they are your typical OC family to say the least haha. Sister Mortensen comes walking in rocking her Michael Kors dress and Kate Spade bag and looks like the farthest thing from your every day mission presidents wife, but she can definitely work it! She probably has the sweetest heart of anyone I know. Like really, they are so sweet and so fun and so loving. I think we laughed the entire time we were with them. Dont get me wrong though, President knows how to lay it down, but its a good thing haha. Nothing much has really changed! They are going to be really good for this mission :) 

We taught the first lesson to 2 of our newest investigators this week! M-- and T--. Both are SO prepared and so awesome. I have come to know that HF gives us such big miracles in such little amounts of time. Once again, we had about 15 minutes in between appointments. We decided to go into Target and walk around and find someone to talk to. Target has been an amazing finding tool for us haha. YSA's love Target. Anyways, we walk in and found T-- within like 5 minutes. Talked to her and she said how she has been needing Jesus in her life! We met up with her again yesterday and after teaching her the restoration she said she knows that the Book of Mormon is true!! I shouldnt be so amazed whenever things like that happen but I always am! Heavenly Father is the too good to us :)

Our 4th of July was a little different this year than it is most. There is a less active girl who is working on becoming active again. Her name is A--, and she recently lost custody of her 1 year old son, and her husband left her. So she technically is still married and shouldn't be in a YSA ward, but she said that she can't go to her family ward because seeing couples and families is too much for her to handle so our bishop gave her special permission to come to our ward. Shes definitely hit rock bottom at this point in her life. She had us over for dinner one night and for 2 hours straight she just poured out her whole life story to us. She just started crying and it was so sad to watch her fall apart like that. Long story short- her house was a complete disaster because she has been in depression and cant ever get the motivation to do anything and its totally heartbreaking :( so we went over on the 4th and deep cleaned that place! :) I can honestly say that true happiness comes when we completely forget about ourselves and serve others! It was such a good experience being able to truly help someone who needs it, on the biggest holiday in the state of texas :) 

V-- came to church yesterday! White shirt and all :) He loved it. And the whole ward loved seeing him there! Such a good Sunday yesterday! Not to mention the wedding proposal we witnessed after sacrament meeting behind the sacrament table... Yes that really did happen hahaha. Followed by them being all over each other in gospel principles. Welcome to the singles ward :) 

Pray for Sister Loo and I! We are having a week of finding the tens of thousands :) We set a goal to pass out 10 BOMs per day!! Its definitely a stretch, but we know it is possible!

I love you all and hope you have a great week!!

sister huber

spreading the word at the gas station!

4th of July!

there is rain... and then there is Texas rain!

our investigator invited us to his sisters engagement party... it was all in vietnamese so it was a little bit of a struggle!

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