Monday, May 19, 2014

May 19th, 2014


another week has flown by and SO much has happened!! 

last monday we got a text from --- with a youtube link and our hearts just dropped cause we kinda knew what was coming... so we sent it to James, our ward mission leader and had him see what the video was because she was not a happy girl! She sent this huge text just saying how awful our church is and how upset she is at us that we would deceive her and that she cant believe the things that our church does and just a whole bunch of sad stuff and basically said that she didnt want to talk to us ever again and that we aren't welcome to teach her anymore! James called us after he watched the link and said the videos were called "Mormons are the Illuminati" and "Joseph Smith's Temple of Doom".... yaaa... hahaha. Thats all we needed to hear right there! Her dad who was super upset at her because she was getting ready to be baptized, showed her a bunch of anti mormon stuff and it got to her as well. WORST FEELING EVER. All we could compare it to is a break up. We just sat there wanting to cry because it actually felt worse than being dumped haha. Satan is good at what he does! A while back president actually gave a whole zone conference on anti mormon literature and how we can better help those we are teaching to avoid it. Its awful how much is out there!! So we are still super sad about her. We really prayed and asked for guidance on how to handle the situation and we felt like we just needed to call her and leave a message with our testimonies so thats what we did and hopefully it will touch her heart and one day she will be open to hearing from missionaries again! 

We did a church tour with ---, and taught him the plan of salvation this week. Of course the day that we go to give a church tour, there are people there cleaning the carpets!! So it was way crazy and super loud and we were kinda bummed cause it wasnt the best environment for the spirit but we just tried our best and did it anyways! It was a really good lesson and he really felt the spirit. He has a weekend job so he hasn't been able to come to church yet, but he told us that he is planning on quitting it and finding one where he doesn't have to work on Sunday! He is just one of those super prepared investigators! 

We met with --- multiple times this week because he said he has been going through some 'spiritual battles' he calls it. James has been a huge help in fellowshipping --- and sometimes he just needs a good bro talk to get things figured out haha. So after working through a few little things, he seemed a ton better and he is acutally getting baptized this Saturday!! He has been praying about it and said that he feels really good about this decision. We were able to get in most of the lessons and are finishing up this week so that he will be ready! The ward has been awesome with making him feel welcome and a part of the group. We are super excited!! 

We received 2 new AMAZING investigators this week from the Copperfield elders. Their names are --- and ---. They are cousins, and just moved to the states from Liberia about 2 months ago. They said that they used to see elders all the time back in africa but that they never talked to them! They both came to a ward party that was this weekend and immediately became a part of the ward. One of the members who brought them to church yesterday told us that in the car on the way there they were both saying that they want to be baptized!! They have been taught the restoration, and set a baptism date for June 28th. We have been feeling like they will be ready wayyyy before then, so we are teaching them the plan of salvation tonight and will hopefully commit them to a sooner date! They were definitely a miracle that The Lord just handed to us!  

--- is doing SO great! We had given her a gospel principles book last week at church, and when we went to go teach her this week she had already read 17 chapters in it. Like holy cow!!!! We were teaching her about prophets and shared a conference talk with her from President Monson and she said that just a few days before she had been on and already read that talk. I thinks thats what she does in her free time! She is past being ready to be baptized haha. She said she is praying to see if she should be baptized on the 31st instead of next month :) 

Our dear --- is leaving for 3 weeks to go to Cali for an Anime convention..
She said that she would bring her Book of Mormon with her and read if we texted her some assignments while she is gone! She still says she wants to be baptized, but its a little harder to read her than most people haha. She needs this gospel so badly in her life, and I think deep down she knows it!

I've been up north of Houston my whole mission until now, and down here actually being IN houston is like being in a different world sometimes. Not only do people just speak spanish, but people speak in black terms. Like i'm convinced its a whole other language. Its been a struggle. I can't understand anyone!! We were talking to this black guy that we came across the other day, and he was actually super interested in hearing about our church and the Book of Mormon so we started teaching him a little bit, and he would start talking, and I maybe got 1/4 of what he was saying. Its like this weird slang like we are in the hood or something and I just dont understand. He called us the Triple OG's of Jesus Christ hahaha. I don't exactly get the triple part either cause there is only 2 of us but it made sense to him so thats all that matters I guess haha. So funny. I love it here. I don't think I have ever laughed so much in my entire life!

THE WORST part about being a missionary, is the dogs. Its so bad I cant even stand it anymore! Every house has at least 5 I swear. And they aren't the cute little cuddly dogs. They are like little demon dogs. Or big demon dogs haha. So we were teaching ---, a potential investigator the other day and we were in the middle of the restoration. Her dog was barking the ENTIRE time, but somehow we just tuned it out- until it jumped up and literally attacked Sister Loo out of no where. It was the scariest thing! We were just sitting on the couch and next thing I know this thing looks like its going to bite her head off. Haha she started screaming so loud and it actually really freaked me out too. So I dont really know if we will be going back there or not! Probably not though! 

On Saturday the ward had a big BBQ and pool party down in Katy so we invited a bunch of our investigators and there ended up being about 10 nonmembers there! We were able to visit with each of them, and actually got some new investigators from it! This one guy named --- came up to us and had tons and tons of questions, most of them actually had to do with stuff that he got from researching mormons online, so we had to clarify quite a few things! But the talk went really well and he ended up coming to church yesterday and we have an appointment to teach him on Tuesday! 

We are starting exchanges this week which I am excited about! We are going to be going on exchanges with each set of sisters in the zone throughout the transfer, and during every exchange Sister Loo and I will each be with a sister from that companionship and be focusing on their proselyting area for the day! We will be able to help them in their area, and also be finding for YSA's in their area as well. I really think that a lot of great things will come out of it! 

I love this area. I love my companion! We are already known to have the most comp unity :) We match almost every day and we dont even plan it! I think its cute, Sister Loo wasn't a fan at first hahaha but we both are too lazy to change so now she has grown to love it :) she matches me on purpose now :) and apparently we sound exactly the same! Whenever we are talking on the phone to someone, they never can tell which one of us it is. Not one person has been able to tell yet haha. Things are just really, really good and I can't complain about one thing! Mish life is the best!!!

Its going to be a CRAZY week, so pray for sister loo and I :) I can't wait to tell you all about it!!

I send my love from texas!

xoxo sister huber

P day pedicures! We felt like we needed it after --- dropped us.  Best idea we ever had :)

Heart attacking less active girls in the ward <3

Sending Kristin off to the Anime convention!

Sunday scooter ride in the church parking lot with James' girlfriend, Laura :)

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