Monday, February 10, 2014

February 10th, 2014

So I'm staying in The Woodlands! Sister Andersen is leaving so it's just me and my brown sister now! We tell everyone we are exactly the same person just different colors haha. I swear we are like long lost twins or something. I think its going to be really good for the 2 of us though. We work together really well and both have the same drive in us. There is so much potential in this ward and there is a lot of excitement here and I feel like things are really going to be picking up! We have already seen SO many miracles in the past few days. Oh my goodness its been so great! Service has definitely been our biggest tool here and we see so many cool things happen from it. We went with Sister Chappell to a retirement home for some service this past week and we were visiting with some of the residents and a visitor of one of them stopped us and said she had heard us visiting with this man and how impressed she was with us and with what we were doing and we had a really good conversation with her and she is actually a new investigator now! She is the one who approached us about it and its all because of the service we were giving. We know the Lord definitely placed her in our path that day! Huge miracle! Then we were at interfaith doing service and a mother and daughter were there as well so we were getting to know them throughout the day and they told us how they have church hopped quite a few times now and how they are always looking for a church so we are getting with them again this week! They're like the sweetest girls ever. Definitely a lot of potential with them as well!
We taught a lady named --- this week who was a referral from a member in another ward. She is crazy religeous and has always wanted to know what we believed in. We had a 2 hour long restoration lesson with her but it actually went really really well. She got all excited when we were talking about the Book of Mormon and when we committed her to read it and pray about it she was so energetic about it and was like I'm gonna go home and start reading it right now! She said she had a friend that she wanted us to get with and teach too so people have been just poppin out out of nowhere! We have about 3-4 who are kinda progressing right now. They have all been on and off for like forever now. Which can be frustrating at times but they will all get there one of these days :) We are workin on them!
The best week EVER is right in front of us and I am so excited!! :) pray for the woodlands! hahaha love you so so much!!!
xoxo sister huber

Sister Le, Sister Huber and Sister Andersen

Working in bishop's taxidermy shop! He told me that I needed to be a surgeon one day. I might just have to pursue it!

Best Sushi I ever had!

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