Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sara's First Letter!!

May 30, 2013

hello everyone!!!
I am overwhelmed with all of the love I have gotten from all you guys! Sorry to be stingy, but it is going to take some time to write you all back!! I have no time here so I will do my best!! I LOVE IT HERE! The first day I really asked myself "why am I here and what did i get myself into?". IT IS SO CRAZY! They throw you right into it and it is very overwhelming to say the least. You are in a classroom close to 12 hours a day, and it takes some getting used to. But by day 3 I was so happy and loving the work and I am already to the point where i never wanna come home!! There are 6 sisters in our district and 4 elders. Our whole zone is going to new mexico and then just us 6 girls are going to houston. my companions name is sister murphy. we could not be more different haha! complete opposites in every single way. I thought I was going to have a really hard time at first. but we just laugh about how different we are and it works for us! she is the youngest of us girls but we call her momma murphy cause she takes care of every single one of us. she has the sweetest heart out of anyone I have ever met!
Yes mom, i am eating hahaha. If cereal counts as every meal of the day ;) I am really sketched by the food here so I have really learned to love cereal! and I stole some mac and cheese from elder comer ;) so dont you worry!
 Its sad to think i have to leave the mtc in a few days but i am very anxious to get into the real deal!! I feel like i have learned more in this one week than I have in my whole life! the spirit that is here is incredible. And, believe it or not, I am probably the loudest, most outgoing person here. It is so crazy to me haha this new sara came out and I have never been so comfortable talking to random strangers in my life!
 There is a sister in my district that is EXACTLY like Jessica horne. So jess if you are reading this, I have a little piece of you with me at all times! Her name is sister williams and we are the best of friends. I feel like i have known her my whole life!! I think we have a little too much fun and are laughing literally 24/7, like to the point of tears running down our faces. We should probably work on knowing when it is appropriate to laugh and when we need to be serious hahaha. 
Its amazing how much you learn about your self here. I feel like myself, but more of how God has always wanted me to be. I have never been happier in my entire life! We do a ton of teaching here like role playing with fake investigators and converts and stuff and Its amazing how much the spirit guides you. I have never once been nervous to go teach a lesson, because when I start to teach the spirit just guides me and I feel so calm. its not like me at all, and I know it is cause i have the spirit with me. My spiritual bucket is overflowing haha and I never want it to stop! The MTC is not easy. It is actually very hard at times. But missions were never meant to be easy. And I know that they aren't because The Lord wants you to learn to rely fully on Him. And I know that I wouldn't be able to get through anything here if I wasnt relying on Him and his strength at all times. I seriously pray like 50 times a day. Heavenly father answers your prayers guys!! Life is just about perfect when you let the lord guide your life at all times! He truly knows you better than you know yourself and he knows what will make you the happiest!! 
yes for all that have asked, i did see elder comer haha. a few times actually. and I was worried that it was going to make everything a lot harder. but it was surprisingly a lot easier than I thought! It is amazing the strength the lord gives you here. It was good to see him happy and focused on the work :) and it really made me feel good knowing that we are serving our heavenly father and I really wouldnt want us anywhere else, doing anything else! 
I love you all! Next time you hear from me, I will be in the field!! I am off to houston early wednesday morning! We have to be to the travel office by 3:00 am, and our flight leaves at 6 am. we have a layover in dallas so mom and dad I will probably call you then! and then we land in houston around 1 I think? I will send a pic of the travel itenerary. anyways, thanks everyone for the support!! When i opened my email everyone was like, holy cow how many people emailed you?! hahaha i have the best friends and family in the world! When I get my official houston address I will let you know. It is a lot easier to write letters throughout the week than to try to email everyone in a short amount of time! but I will do my best! I love hearing from everyone!
The church is true you guys!! Love you all!!
Sister Huber 

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